Spaceflight Simulator is out now on Steam Early Access

Spaceflight Simulator is out now on Steam Early Access

Developer Stefo Mai Morojna and publisher DryGin Studios have announced that their engineering simulator Spaceflight Simulator has been released on Steam Early Access for $11.99 USD. Additionally, a Nintendo Switch edition is planned for later in the year, coinciding with the 1.0 release.

In the game, players will be able to construct technologically advanced spaceships to explore the galaxy. Picking and choosing from hundreds of parts; from guidance systems to fins, they’ll create the ultimate spacecraft. By persevering as ships fail time and again, they’ll finally accrue enough knowledge to perfect the program.

“Who would have guessed that something that started as a failed job application for the Kerbal Space Program would have brought tens of millions of space enthusiasts together?” Said Stefo Mai Morojna, lead developer. “We are ready for a whole new crew of scientists, engineers, and astronauts to join our ranks via Steam Early Access, and even more when we’re ready for the Nintendo Switch!”

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