Special War Thunder controller announced

Special War Thunder controller announced

Gaijin Entertainment has announced the start of the production of a revolutionary controller designed specifically for War Thunder and we must say that it definitely looks awesome.

This unique device will be made compatible with all major gaming platforms which will finally bring the means to operate all of War Thunder’s vehicles comfortably and precisely, even when in simulation mode. This will discard the need for remembering thousands of button combinations.

One single War Thunder controller can be used for all types of vehicles in War Thunder, with the addition of all future types of military hardware coming to the game. PC players already had the option to manually build a complicated setup of multiple hardware devices to fight both on the ground and in the air. The idea for this special controller comes from user requests on the game’s official forum and the War Thunder subreddit. The War Thunder Controller is a highly customizable device with extra levers, keyboards, trackballs and other optional extra parts available.

Finally, the controller will go on sale in two colors: urban khaki and dusty asphalt. The final design of the War Thunder Controller may be changed as a result of prototype testing and the pricing will be announced later and is dependable of the initial shipment size.

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