SpellForce 3: free preview weekend

SpellForce 3: free preview weekend

The upcoming SpellForce 3 developed by Grimlore Games and THQ Nordic gets a free preview weekend from November 17th unitl November 20th.

During this weekend players will be free to play multiplayer matches with up to six players, with the use of all three different factions within the game. For those more interested in the single player campaign there’s good news as well as one single player mission, taking place before the main game’s campaign, will be available to play either alone or co-op.

The game takes place before the events in the popular SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. The single player campaign could take over more than 30 hours either to be played alone or with a co-op partner. The game is a combination of both the RTS and RPG genre.

During the preview weekend a tournament of 1vs1 multiplayer mayches will take place. Prizes are either a signed Limited Collector’s edition or a steam key of the game.

The actual game of SpellForce 3 will launch on December 7.

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