SpellForce – Heroes & Magic

SpellForce – Heroes & Magic

Good news for the mobile players under us! SpellForce – Heroes & Magic is now available for mobile devices.

In SpellForce – Heroes & Magic you will have to choose who you will go into battle with; the humans, the Dark Elves or Orcs. You’ll be able to pick whichever race you like the best and later on you will also meet other races to make friends or enemies with. A few races that you will be able to see are Dwarves, Trolls, and Gargoyles.

“SpellForce is one of our core franchises,” says Reinhard Pollice, Business & Product Development Director THQ Nordic. “With the expansion Soul Harvest for SpellForce III coming soon, we are happy that our colleagues at HandyGames are continuing to expand the franchise to mobile devices today. We hope that players on mobile devices enjoy the take on turn-based tactics.”

You’ll have to use strategy to be able to build and expand your empire. Not only will you have to gather resources and fight off monsters, but you will also have to fight off other armies. When two armies meet, the game will switch to a turn-based tactics mode where you will control your units directly. You will be able to level up, use skill trees, and make your army strong with fully fledged RPG mechanics. Take over your enemy’s land and build the biggest empire!

SpellForce – Heroes & Magic is now available for Android and iOS devices.

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