Spellforce III Reforced console version postponed

Spellforce III Reforced console version postponed

Today, THQ Nordic has announced that the console release date for Spellforce III Reforced has been postponed. Originally, it was scheduled for December 7th, but now, it has been rescheduled to March 8th, 2022. The update for the PC version will arrive on December 6th.

The Reforced edition will feature an enhanced campaign experience with improved RTS mechanics, reworked skill trees, a better co-op mode, Better distribution of loot, a reworked hub, improved balancing and all existing issues involving the campaign and quests are fixed. This update will also bring a new skirmish map, a new Journey mode that’s similar to the original Free Game Mode, an Arena mode and mod support for the new Journey and Arena modes. The mod support will let you create your own Journey and Arena maps and share them online.

The two expansions ‘Soul Harvest’ and ‘Fallen God’ will be available when the console edition releases. You can buy them separately, or but the complete package with the Spellforce III Reforced Complete Edition.

For our own opinion on the game and its expansion, we reviewed the original Spellforce III and its expansions Soul Harvest and Fallen God when they released.

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