Spyro is back!

Spyro is back!

Spyro is back! And better than ever. He’s sharpened his horns, charged his fireballs, and learned some new moves too. The 21st of September is when he’ll be roasting all the big bads on his way to your PS4 (pro) and Xbox One systems In full, and glorious remastered HD. In collaboration with Developer Toys for Bob, Spyro has got a complete makeover with even more nostalgic gameplay, improved cutscenes and the return of the remastered orb-challenges. The game offers more than 100 levels and will be the return of some of spyro’s wacky friends as well, including Sparx the Dragonfly, Hunter, Sheila, Agent 9! en Sgt. Byrd.

“For the Spyro Reignited trillogy we thought it important to keep true to the original three Spyro games.” Said Paul, the chief creative officer at Toys for Bob. “We put a lot of love and care into making sure the worlds feel like they are supposed to, while also refreshing the collection with new details and HD graphics.We’re bringing back the Spyro you fell in love with 20 years ago.”

The Spyro Reginited Trillogy will be available now for preorder for $/€39.99 or your regional equivalent and will release September the 21st.

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