Star Citizen Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown launches today

Star Citizen Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown launches today

Cloud Imperium Games has announced today’s release of the Star Citizen Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown update. This update introduces the newest in-game server-wide dynamic event called Jumptown 2.0. this event is inspired by the original fan-favorite PvP event Jumptown which saw both law enforcement and criminals fight for control over a large quantity of illegal narcotics.

This patch also brings a new dropship variant: the Drake Cutlass Steel, which replaces cargo capacity with room for eighteen jump seats, for transportation of troops to the frontlines alongside a variety of weaponry. The Grav-Lev hover bikes will also get some major improvements due to a significant rework of the flight and driving model for Grav-Lev vehicles. Those longing for more content for their pilot’s personal journey can expect it in January, with Derelict Ships that offers puzzles to solve, traps to avoid and valuable rewards ready to be earned by you.

For a complete overview of this update, you can check out the patch notes on the official blog. Of course, the developers also posted new trailer about this patch which you can check out below this post or on our own YouTube Channel.

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