Starburst – the most popular online slots game in 2020

Starburst – the most popular online slots game in 2020

Starburst has an amazing reputation among fans of online slot games, and is actually considered one of the best available. Its innovative approach to payline management and bonus features helped to build Starburst’s popularity, impressing a wide range of players almost as soon as it was released. The fact that Starburst has remained a must-play for so many people so long after it was released proves that it’s one of the best online slots ever created. So, what does Starburst offer to players, and how do you go about playing it online?

Starburst and Paylines

Paylines are those invisible lines that appear across the video reels, which the game uses to calculate your wins. A win will be created if enough identical symbols appear on a payline, and the symbols that comprise the combination determine its value. Starburst’s designers implemented an innovative way around creating its paylines, which helped to grab the attention of players when the game was released.

When creating Starburst, NetEnt designed the paylines to pay out in both directions. This might not sound too impressive to new players, but it is actually quite a significant distinction. Most video slot games just pay out from the left hand side of the reels to the right, whereas Starburst pays out from the left to the right, and from the right to the left.

This means that you actually have twice the chances to create a winning line on every payline, so you are doubling your opportunities to claim a win on every single spin. This simple tweak made Starburst a hugely distinctive, popular game for players, from experienced fans to newcomers. Of course, this wasn’t the only element that NetEnt implemented into Starburst to make it a fast-paced, appealing game.

Symbols, or Lack of them

Some players may see the small number of symbols present in Starburst and assume this is one of the game’s weaker aspects, but that’s not the case. Actually, it’s the exact opposite: including a small number of symbols in the game means that each spin on Starburst has fewer potential combinations. This means that there are more chances to create wins than players may expect.

So, by incorporating the smaller number of symbols, Starburst actually provides players with a better chance of creating a win whenever they spin the reels. This is one thing that many players overlook when choosing a video slot to play. Because they see lots of bright symbols on show, they assume that it must be a better game. However, Starburst goes in the opposite direction, and as such, gives players a much better opportunity to win.

This doesn’t mean that the symbols have been neglected. In fact, NetEnt has put in a lot of work to make sure that the visuals for Starburst are strong enough to compete with anything else on the market. Each symbol has been designed and rendered to the highest standard of quality. As a result, you can be sure everything that pops up on screen looks fantastic, despite the symbol count being quite low.

There’s also a good level of payout up for grabs, with the highest-paying symbol in the game awarding 250 times your line bet whenever you manage to completely fill a payline with them. As the game offers the opportunity to fill more than one payline at a time, some impressive wins may come your way when you play Starburst.

Features to Keep You Interested

Starburst is equally minimalist in another area: the features. While some slots can actually create headlines with their outlandish features, Starburst’s developers have worked hard to ensure things stay simple. However, this doesn’t detract from the quality of the bonus feature: when you are able to activate this feature, you have a terrific chance to claim some big wins without having to spend anything on the spins.

The bonus feature in Starburst is based around the wild symbol. When this appears on one of the middle three reels, a respin mode will begin. When it first lands, the symbol will increase in size in order to completely fill up the reel. Any winning lines will pay out to the player, and the reel will stay wild for a free respin once this has happened.

After this respin, if another wild lands on one of the remaining middle reels, that too will increase in size and help to create more wins. Both reels will stay wild for another free respin, and if a wild lands on the last remaining reel, that will fill up the reel too. Any wins will be paid out again and a final respin will take place, with all three middle reels becoming wild.

A Great Game

Starburst genuinely has a lot going for it. It’s been spoken of as a classic in the video slot world, and for good reason. If you’re a video slot fan, this game is well worth a try. It might not include as many features as some other games out there, but the gameplay is balanced perfectly. You can expect to see the highest quality of design, development, and performance every single time you play Starburst.

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