Station to Station adds a new Photo Mode

Station to Station adds a new Photo Mode

PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove invite players to explore the new features in Station to Station‘s Photo Mode update. This update introduces in-game photography, additional levels, and a comprehensive overhaul of the Custom Game mode. The update includes four new levels within existing regions of the game, such as Greendale, Sunforge Sands, and Nugget Creek. These bite-sized gaming trips offer players a change of scenery and complement the existing gameplay. The Photo Mode winter update also includes a revamped Custom Mode, providing aspiring managers with an array of intuitive options to tailor their ideal rail network. In Photo Mode, enthusiasts can utilize options such as Zoom, Focus Distance, and Blur Strength, along with an automatic depth of field. Other features include Pick Focus, Hide the Interface, Stop/Pause All Trains, and “Follow Train” Mode with the ‘cabin view’ option.

The revamped Custom Mode now comprises four main categories:

  • LEVEL: Change the Shape from Ultra Wide to Ultra Narrow.
  • INDUSTRY: Choose from universities and farming, adjusting the journey distance from Short (easy) to Very Long (hardest).
  • GRAPHICS: Alter the Biome, Lighting (from Sunny to Night), or select the number of animals in the environment.
  • RAILROADS: Adjust the Cost, Curve (Very Steep to Very Shallow), and Slope of your tracks.
  • Additionally, there are numerous other customizable settings for players to experiment with.

This update is just the beginning, with more content and exciting features planned for release in 2024 and beyond. Station to Station is available now on PC.

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