Staxel coming to the Switch September 23th

Staxel coming to the Switch September 23th

For some, this might sound new, but Staxel has been conquering hearts since 2018 on the PC when it came out through Humble Bundle. In this game, you build up your farm block by block and have the ability to fully customize everything. It has taken some inspiration from games like Minecraft and MySims as you build your farm and village life with the help of others.

This release isn’t just any ordinary port, the game has been optimized to make full use of all the special features that the Switch has. Furthermore, it has been fine-tuned for optimal performance (something mostly overseen when porting games to the Switch).

Staxel is launching September 23th for the Switch and if the game has piqued your interest then we have a small trailer down below for you to enjoy.

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