Steampunk adventure Trudy’s Mechanicals announced

Steampunk adventure Trudy’s Mechanicals announced

Incubator Games has announced their upcoming steampunk adventure game Trudy’s Mechanicals. The turn-based tactical game will take place amongst the clouds aboard a gruesome airship dubbed Trudy. The limbs of once human citizens have gotten their limbs torn off and replaced them with industrial tools, turning the citizens into steampunk Mechanicals, effectively securing a spot on the assembly lines. Very few refuse the offer of being torn into pieces as the only alternatives are being starved to death, or enter the toxic mists below. In a narrative as strong as this, the heroic tales of those who refuse to stand aside and watch their humanity stripped away isn’t unheard of and revolution begins anew.

Radek Koncewicz, lead designer at Incubator Games, explained that they’ve created a Slavic-influenced world that stands out from typical Steampunk settings. Gone are bowler hats and fine brandies, replaced with fur caps and vegetable spirits.”

Not only is the game influenced by Slavic culture. Trudy’s Mechanicals rips apart classic SRPG conventions and turns them up-side-down by not relying on the genre staples of tank, archer and mage. Instead, the units in Trudy’s Mechanicals have distinct abilities and personalities akin to characters of fighting games and MOBAs. The interactive environments allows the player to come up with a several scenarios to utterly destroy their enemies as they can harvest fallen foes and allies.

It all sounds incredibly good and slightly more is shown in the teaser trailer below. Trudy’s Mechanicals is set to release in 2016 for PC only for now. Ports to consoles may be planned in the near future but that’s not clear yet.

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