Steelrising Cagliostro’s Secrets DLC now available

Steelrising Cagliostro’s Secrets DLC now available

Great news as the first big DLC for Soulslike Steelrising has been released. In Cagliostro’s Secrets, players will find themselves on a new level with quite a mission. This DLC can only be unlocked to those who have progressed a bit through the campaign, after beating the mission ‘Bastille’.

The story is told about a count of the king ‘Comte de Cagliostro’ and will take you to a new location named, ‘Hôpital Saint Louis’. In this dangerous environment, you’ll uncover the many secrets that Louis XVI has hidden. To take on its many dangerous inhabitants you’ll have five new weapons to utilize.Are you ready to uncover the chocking truth about the alchemy that brings the King’s automatons alive?

For those who haven’t heard yet of Steelrising, we can strongly advise you to check out our review. Steelrising is a game based on the core principles of the Dark Souls franchise. In this hardcore action RPG, you will scout many locations while fighting some of the toughest opponents available.
These games are well known to be unfair, but the feeling of accomplishment when you defeat a boss is worth it in the end. Thanks to the smooth combat, easy dodges and fairly low difficulty setting it could be an entry point to the Dark Souls genre for any new player. Gather Anima Essence by killing enemies to level up your character and grow stronger, rest at Vestals that will replenish your health and recharge your healing items, but beware as this will respawn all the enemies. In what feels to be a rinse-and-repeat sort of fashion you’ll become strong enough to proceed to the next location in the large vast world set in the French Revolution.

Key features include

  • New main mission at a new location: Hôpital Saint Louis
  • Five weapons
  • New End boss
  • New costumes
  • Two new characters
  • Various enemies
  • New sidequests that bring new life to already visited locations

Steel Rising DLC Cagliostro’s Secrets is now available for download on PC, Geforce Now, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

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