SteelSeries Prime Mini – Hardware Review
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Developer: SteelSeries
Publisher: SteelSeries
Platform: PC

SteelSeries Prime Mini – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Very attractive price tag, Great performance, Very soft and flexible cable
Bad: We would have loved a LED to light up the logo
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Back in May, we had a closer look at SteelSeries’ Rival 5 gaming mouse, which proved to be an excellent gaming companion. The only remark we could think of was the fact that the device’s size was catered to gamers with slightly larger hands, and thus not perfect for those with smaller hands. Nonetheless, the mouse offered tons of customization options, ranging from the CPI settings to choosing what LED color you want visible in each of the mouse’s RGB zones. Now, for our next review, we’ll be looking at the Prime Mini. For this device, the LED options were toned down a lot, and SteelSeries simply wanted to focus on performance, rather than looking fancy. Calling itself a ‘Precision eSports Gaming Mouse’, we put it to the test.


SteelSeries went for a true back-to-basics approach for the design of the Prime Mini. The mouse dons a solid black casing with a matte finish, with its only noticeable features being the logo on the back of the mouse and the LED in the mouse wheel. Other than that, the design is kept really simple, and this is actually what we also prefer. Long gone are the days that every gaming peripheral manufacturer created super bombastic designs, and we aren’t mourning the disappearance of these ‘transformer-like’ mouse designs. This model also has a natural curvature for right-handed gamers, which might disappoint a few gamers out there.


Weighing in at only 61 grams, the Prime Mini is a surprisingly nimble and comfortable gaming companion. The mouse’s curvature is designed for right-handed gamers, and thus the button layout is also designed as such. You’ll have two side buttons (left side), and other than that, the shape is just very comfortable to rest your hand on. This mouse is a lot smaller than the Rival 5, meaning gamers with smaller hands will probably enjoy the size and shape of this one more. That being said, the Prime Mini is still a great device for gamers with larger hands as well. You’ll also notice that the mouse itself is also a bit higher than standard-shaped mice, but this is actually quite pleasant to work with.

Even though we hardly discuss the cables of gaming mice in our reviews, except for the mention if they are long enough and if they are braided or not, the cable for the Prime Mini is something special. The cable itself is a removable braided USB-C cable. While the fact that it’s removable is already quite uncommon for wired mice, it’s also super-flexible. Normally braided cables are a bit stiff and not extremely bendy, but this one is the exact opposite.


  • TrueMove Pro sensor
  • Sensitivity up to 18 000 CPI
  • Maximum speed of 450 IPS
  • 100 million clicks lifespan
  • Right-handed design
  • Matte finish
  • 5 Programmable buttons
  • 61 g weight
  • USB A to C cable
  • 1-zone RGB


The Prime Mini is, as expected, a simple plug-and-play device, that offers a solid performance. The device allows a sensitivity of up to 18 000 CPI, which means that players of every genre will have a setting that suits them. Of course, you can finetune a lot more intricate settings, but most gamers will probably just stick with programming different CPI profiles, making sure they can swap with the press of a button. The profile button for the Prime Mini, however, is placed on the underside of the mouse, probably to prevent you from accidentally clicking it when playing a competitive game. This might be less interesting for strategy-game players, as they might need to swap between profiles quicker to scroll over the map, while the management aspects may require a lower CPI. Having to flip over the mouse each time then might make things a bit trickier.

After you’ve plugged in your mouse, and you are happy with the CPI profiles that are preprogrammed, there is not that much more for you to do except for enjoying yourself with your favorite games. If you want to have a bit more options, then SteelSeries has very good dedicated software, that allows you to edit each profile that is stored on the mouse. You can change the CPI settings and mess around with other sensitivity settings, and you can also adjust the LED color of the mouse wheel. Once again, many of these functions are often very interesting for competitive gamers, but those looking to enjoy their games with an affordable and decent mouse will probably not have to look further than the CPI settings.


SteelSeries’ Prime Mini is a nearly perfect gaming mouse when you’re looking at performance and comfort. The device does have little whistles and bells, and this is just a matter of personal preference. We enjoyed the curvature, making sure our hand didn’t cramp up after long gaming sessions, and we also very much loved the high CPI range on the device. The only remarks we had revolved around the profile button on the bottom side of the mouse, and perhaps the lack of an LED that lights up the logo. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and performance-driven mouse, you don’t have to look any further.

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SteelSeries Prime Mini - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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