Steep X Games available now

Steep X Games available now

The sensational X games are available today in Steep on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The X Games Pass drops Steep players in the X Games village in Alaska. Go after that gold medal in the most epic snowpark of the game and try your most impressive stunts during real X Games disciplines such as Big Air, SuperPipe, and Slopestyle. For new players, the Steep X Games Gold Edition is a brand new way to get into the games.

The X Games Pass includes:

  • The X Games DLC
  • 90’s DLC: give an old school vibe to your game with the special 90’s filter, including tricks and music (available from November 27th 2018)
  • Rocket Wings DLC: Race along the snowy mountains and complete new challenges with your Rocket Wings (available from January 8th 2019)
  • Early Access: you get access to the X Games content, 90’s DLCm and the Rocket Wings DLC one week earlier

The Steep X Games Gold Edition includes:

  • Steep (base game)
  • X Game pass
  • Year One Season Pass contains:
    – Extreme Pack with three extra sports
    – Winterfest Pack with one new sport
    – Adrenaline Pack (including Moonlight Pack)
    – Bonus Helicopter Tickets
    – 10.000 Steep credits for the in-game store

Besides this expansion, Steep Live Activities Season 3 starts today. Here, players battle against each other in various in-game activities to seize exclusive X Games equipment.

Watch the trailer below.

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