Stella Glow to hit Europe in Spring 2016

Stella Glow to hit Europe in Spring 2016

After a long wait, the strategy RPG Stella Glow will finally arrive in Europe in Spring 2016 as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

Play as the reluctant hero Alto, a boy in a small town where song has been gone for thousands of years. Yet one day, he hears a mysterious song coming from the forest and happens upon the lone Hilda. But when she reveals her true identity as the Witch of Destruction, Alto has to be rescued by the Royal Knights and then joins their 9th Regiment to bring all the Witches together to defeat Hilda once and for all!


Key features of the game include:

      • A soundtrack written by Yasunori Mitsuda (famous for titles such as Chrono Trigger and Xenogears)
      • Famous Japanese voice actors singing more than 20 tracks for the game, which are part of a feature called Song Magic- a combat and story element that enables you to increase the abilities of the Witches
      • A renowned level of strategic combat as found in the Luminous Arc games (also by Imageepoch)
      • Free Time- a feature that allows you time to upgrade or buy items, explore and grind (although Combat Time will provide the main story)
      • The potential to strengthen relationships with your comrades and have romances with them to unlock new powers and special events
      • 40-60 hours of story and sidequest content that includes multiple endings and 50+ maps to battle on
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