Stormbound is now available on Steam and Kongregate!

Stormbound is now available on Steam and Kongregate!

The award-winning strategic CCG previously only available on Android and iOS is now unleashed on Steam and

In Stormbound, you are pitted against your opponents in battles where strategy and clever tactics are needed to beat them. By playing powerful units on the board, you progress towards the enemy base. Over 100 unique cards with their own unique abilities within four kingdoms offer many unique strategies to overcome your opponents.

Whether you use fast-moving swarming warriors, solid board control units, clever machinations with positional synergies or devious counters that turn the tide of battle that’s up to you. There are many ways to win, but you decide how!

Dragons and Friend matches have recently been added to the game and the world of Stormbound will keep expanding. This new release can be played as a download on Steam or right from your browser on This means you can play at your desk, on the road or on the couch and this all on the same account as accounts are automatically Multi-platform accounts.

Full cross-platform multiplayer is also available, meaning you can play against friends and foes on any platform. Stormbound is now available for download on Steam or play the game right on your browser on

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