Story-driven Career Mode unveiled for AO Tennis 2

Story-driven Career Mode unveiled for AO Tennis 2

Today, BIGBEN and Big Ant Studios have presented the story-driven Career mode in their second developer diary of AO Tennis 2. By watching the video below, you can see who is part of the team behind the second official Australia Open-series game that will release on January 9 for PC and consoles.

The renewed Career mode will offer some brand-new perspectives. While your performance will still be important for your career, it will not be the only important thing anymore. In the new Career Mode, you will be rewarded by taking part in special events like press conferences, discussions with your manager and more. Your reputation will also heavily depend on the choices you make in these events. With all these additions, you can form your own identity in the game. The whole interface will also be improved so you can see your progression, including the evolution of your characteristics and physical properties.

Below, you can watch the second Developer’s Diary of AO Tennis 2 to see what will be new in this new game.

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