Story-driven puzzler A Tofu Tail turns to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

Story-driven puzzler A Tofu Tail turns to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

The Pittsburgh-based game studio Alchemedium turns to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight to gain support from potential backers for their upcoming indie game A Tofu Tail.

“We have been working on A Tofu Tail as a passion project for almost three years now,” says the studio’s cofounder Ryan Brolley. “Up until now, we have been producing everything from the soundtrack and aesthetic to the coding and design in our free time and out of our own pockets, but the costs are beginning to become too great for us to handle on our own. We need your help!”, further adds. Doug Locke, another co-founder of the alchemendium states that they “want more people to become aware of and play A Tofu Tail , a story and experience that we ourselves have come to love, and want others to experience as well.”

We heard the call but what is A Tofu Tail about? Well it’s a story-driven puzzle game about the protagonist Mr. Tofu who got turned into a tofu by a deceptive fox spirit, the Kitsune. The core mechanic of A Tofu Tail is simple as gameplay involves moving a tofu cube around in a maze of colored tiles. The puzzle element here is that Mr. Tofu can only move to tiles that are the same color as he is. While this certainly sounds easy, as a tofu the protagonist can also absorb the properties of objects around him to change colors whenever deemed necessary – or sometimes by accident.

A Tofu Tail is set to release early 2016 for PC on Windows, Mac and Linux systems, with plans to expand to additional platforms and consoles somewhere in the near future.



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