Strategy survival Evolution: Climate heats up Nintendo Switch and Steam this 14th of July

Strategy survival Evolution: Climate heats up Nintendo Switch and Steam this 14th of July

The Evolution: Climate bundle, containing Evolution Board Game and its Climate expansion that offers game-changing weather events and mighty temperature shifts, will be launching on Nintendo Switch as well as Steam for Windows PC and Mac on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. You can purchase the whole bundle or get the Climate expansion by itself for $9.99 on each platform. Owners of Evolution Board Game can also upgrade to the ultimate edition by purchasing the Climate expansion separately as a DLC.

With more than 3 million players worldwide already enjoying Evolution across physical and digital editions, Climate continues North Star Digital Studios’ tradition of bringing in-house tabletop titles to the screen in its trademark over polished and wonderfully animated style.

Based on the award-winning board game hailed by tabletop critics as “the pinnacle of the series” and “perfectly thematic and incredibly satisfying,” Climate brings the realities of harsh weather conditions, with temperatures swinging between Scorching Hot and Ice Ages and affecting creatures big and small in different ways, to the Evolution game system.

Peel back new layers of strategy as species must adapt not just for food availability and defense against predators but also to survive in extreme heat or cold. Weather the storm of powerful climatic events from Wildfires to Meteorites capable of drastically changing the outcome of a match.

Climate offers 6 new Traits to help creatures adapt, illustrated with gorgeous hand-painted artwork in near-infinite combinations. Create species capable of staving off hungry predators or surviving a deadly Ice Age. Sacrifice trait cards to influence the climate meter and create a hospitable environment for your own species while making things more difficult for your opponents to survive. 

Climate, and now Evolution, is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Swedish, Danish, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, or Dutch.

Key new features for Climate include:

  • Adapt species for sweltering heat and blistering cold with 6 new survival traits
  • Sacrifice trait cards with sun or snowflake icons to influence the Climate Track, creating favorable conditions for your own species and killing off opponents wildlife
  • Prepare for randomized events that activate at certain points on the climate track, upending gameplay and forcing new strategies to survive

Face off locally or online against friends and skill-based matchmade opponents with cross-play between the Nintendo Switch and PC versions of Evolution: Climate. Private games, as well as real-time, asynchronous, and pass-and-play modes, offer a variety of options to play together locally and online.

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