StreamLocator – Review
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StreamLocator – Review

Good: Very stable, Hassle-free
Bad: Steep price for casual users
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VPNs have been on the rise for the last few years, especially around that period everyone wanted to see the next Game of Thrones episode. As we are based in Belgium, we know everything when it comes to having very limited content on our Netflix or Disney+ accounts, and now with the Brexit, we cannot sneak onto a UK Amazon Prime account anymore. Because of this, a lot of people often look for illegal torrents or for a stable and proper VPN service. While there are many services available, not all prove to be as stable as StreamLocator, or have the ‘hardware’ to back up their claims. We could go very much into depth on the service in the following review in terms of how to set things up, but there are actually nice tutorial videos available for this service, hence we’ll stick to what really matters: the service and the stability of the VPN.

Let’s immediately address one of the key points here; namely, StreamLocator comes at a higher price than most VPN services and is more of a subscription-based concept rather than a one-time fling. This means that, if you only use a VPN to catch one weekly episode of a random show, this service will not be worth the investment. If you have a running USA Netflix or Disney+ account, then things are getting a tad more interesting. Pondering about getting things such as Hulu or HBO, or even other region-based subscriptions? Then things get truly interesting with the StreamLocator formula.

Why is the service more stable? Because you’re actually getting the hardware to back things up. You’ll basically get an extra ‘router’, which creates a new access point for wireless devices. When using the latter, you can use your VPN at will. Wired devices do not need to be connected with it specifically if the StreamLocator hardware is linked to your normal router. The service is basically very hassle-free, as it determines what area you want to visit, without actually having to adjust settings or other items. You won’t have to mess around with signing in every single time, or you don’t have to choose the region, the software/hardware will do this for you.

Those who are looking to score a cheap extra router will be disappointed, however. If you stop paying for the service, you’ll render the hardware, with specific internal software, useless. This means that the nice-looking white device will only serve its purpose of the VPN service, and nothing else. You’ll get decent speeds out of the device, more than enough for your streaming pleasure. Of course, as we state in other reviews as well, it will eventually also boil down to the quality of your internet subscription. Don’t expect a random upgrade, if you’re hooked up to the internet with a half-boiled potato.

As mentioned above, the subscription comes with extra hardware. You’ll get ownership of your very own StreamLocator Hub, which looks quite fancy for a single-purpose device. The sleek white design fits with every interior, but it’s not a tiny extension to your normal set-up, so a bit of room is required. LED lights will also properly indicate the status of your connection. Outside of the antennas, there is not that much in terms of extra bells and whistles.


If you’re in desperate need of a stable VPN service, then StreamLocator might just be a great option for you. While, as mentioned above, the service is a bit more expensive than other famous services, it’s also a lot more stable and hassle-free compared to other companies. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the setup, the company has proper tutorial videos on how everything works. Those doubting if you’re doing anything wrong or illegal, you’re not. Of course, doing illegal things with it does make the aforementioned statement invalid.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (6 votes cast)
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StreamLocator - Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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