Strikers Edge – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Fun Punch Game
Publisher: Playdius, Plug In Digital
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4
Tested on: PC

Strikers Edge – Review

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Bad: Unable to adjust aiming sensitivity
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Strikers Edge is a combination of dodgeball and the sheer madness of getting javelins thrown at you. Of all the things on the list that shouldn’t be combined, dodgeball and javelins are pretty high on it. Thanks to Fun Punch Games the real life version will hopefully never exist. As you can now throw very pointy sticks to enemies and maybe settle fights in this manner. Like the nuke in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, definitely not something you want to try out at home.

Strikers Edge


The story of Strikers Edge is one of several stories in the story mode. The one thing the stories have in common is the backbone. Centuries ago, the Gods waged war amongst the Stars. As the battle raged on, their blood fell from their wounds onto Gea, crystallizing. As time drew on, the crystals remained inert, until individuals with traits like the corresponding God’s crystal arrived. These warriors were the Vessels of the Godsblood, who had combat prowess far beyond that of normal humans. Using the powers however comes at a cost as their personalities started to corrupt, with their main characteristics being magnified greatly.


After this, the personal story of the character you choose is revealed and their personality traits and why they are actually fighting. The writing of the characters would be completely over the top and unbelievable – with some characters actually being obnoxious – if it weren’t for the single line on the main plot. Their characters have their personalities magnified, so it fits perfectly. The diversity of the background of every single character is really well done. With several of them to play, there’s a lot of story content to plough through, so there’s no lack of content in the story mode.


Strikers Edge is a pretty game to look at. It’s not like it is a game that has graphics that show off the graphical fidelity possible by the newest graphics card. It is however very refined in its art style. The characters are pixelated, but they are detailed enough for the player to be able to tell them apart. They all have their own ‘vibe’ and their own personality in their attire. The battlefields are also quite beautiful and quite detailed, however the art style of the obstacles meshes too well with the battlefield. What this means is that you’ll be safe from enemy fire, but your own projectiles will hit the obstacle, too. You aren’t notified that you’ll hit an obstacle as there’s no visual cue, and with them meshing so well, you might miss out on a kill and get your ass handed to you, especially on higher difficulty settings.



The music of Strikers Edge has two emotions attached to them, there’s the rather solemn menu screen music which is extremely tranquil and then there’s the combat music, which is upbeat and gives the player a sense of urgency, as in: don’t dick around, just get the battle over with, because one wrong step and it’s you on your knees before your enemy.

Sadly there’s no voice acting, and though it isn’t a necessity, hearing the characters dialoguing at each other would colour them even further, as each and every single one of them is unique and with the right type casting this could even accentuate that further.



Strikers Edge is an action game made by Fun Punch Games and published by Playdius and Plug In Digital. The game is all about throwing javelins at enemies and damaging them until they are killed. A bit like a fighting game with the fighters having a minimum distance placed between them. The tutorial shows off the controls of the game. W,A,S,D moves you about and the left mouse button fires off your javelin. Holding said button down, charges up the throw, which upon contact does more damage and pressing Caps button will activate the power of the warrior that is initiated by the charged attack.

Then there’s the right mouse button which helps you block attacks, but you have a limited amount of those so it’s best only to use them when in need, as these don’t regenerate over time. Should you run out of blocks, you can still dodge an attack by either moving out of the way or pressing the spacebar while pressing a direction, this makes your character do a dodge roll, effectively evading the projectile.


As you dodge, and attack, you’ll notice that the bar under your lifebar depletes, this happens with every attack and every dodge. Doing nothing of the sort will replenish your stamina making it possible for you to continue the onslaught. The game is easier on the easiest setting, but still no cakewalk, so we definitely recommend playing on that mode before trying on a more difficult mode even if you are an experienced gamer. Mastering the game takes some getting used to.

Speaking about controls, the game supports a gamepad for those of you who don’t take kindly to a keyboard and mouse setting. This is however ill-advised as the aiming is rather fickle and there’s no way to adjust the sensitivity, so playing on a gamepad makes the game more difficult.


Should you have blazed through the stories of all the heroes you can still opt to play in a local or online match, which is a whole other level of difficulty altogether. Don’t expect to get much damage in unless you bring your A-game.


Looking for a game that’s easy to pick up, hard to master and is quite fun on the multiplayer end –be it local or online- then Strikers Edge certainly is something to look into. While it’s all about the gameplay, the game has a certain appeal factor thanks to its format, its characters and the ‘godly’ background of the story. 01If you aren’t into a game that mainly comes down to quick reflexes and last second dodges then this game won’t scratch your itch.

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Rating: 6.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Strikers Edge - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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