Studio Pandorica launches their first game ‘How to Shoot a Criminal’

Studio Pandorica launches their first game ‘How to Shoot a Criminal’

Studio Pandorica is a small team based in Paris. They introduce, ‘How to shoot a criminal’ as their very first project, as Pandorica. Most of the team members have had some considerate experience in the Indie game genre.

How to Shoot a Criminal is an investigative game that unfolds in the 1930s. You work for a controversial newspaper, The Revenge, controlled by a power-hungry editor. Your goal? Find the secrets of the newspaper to destroy it from the inside. The game provides the player with a simple but powerful search tool to find records, newspapers, notes, and especially archive videos to unravel the secrets behind the success of the Revenge. Inspirations of Studio Pandorica? The uncluttered approach of the gameplay of games like ‘Her Story’ mingled with the dark aesthetic of Rockstar’s ‘L.A. Noire’. What makes the game so special? Is to stage real actors in videos that retrace the history of the newspaper.

Characteristics of the game:

  • Genre: Adventure / Investigation
  • Singeplayer
  • Film Noire graphic style
  • Type of media used: Video & Audio
  • Video: more than 120 min of video material
  • Audio: Over 60 minutes of audio material
  • Estimated game duration: 5 hours
  • Purpose of the game: Find enough information to bring down The Revenge.
  • Release Date: January 20
  • Price: €6.99/$6.99
  • Platforms: PC & Mac
  • Available on Steam (Link to steam store page)


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