Stunt Kite Party – Review
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Developer: HandyGames
Publisher: HandyGames
Platform: Switch
Tested on: Switch

Stunt Kite Party – Review

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Always wanted to fly a stunt kite, but hated going outside? Well, good news! At the beginning of February 2019, the developers over at HandyGames released the new sports/party game ‘Stunt Kite Hero’. In this game, you are going on an adventure with the ultimate goal to fly your kite in the promised city of Santa Breeze, or you can just take on your friend in the multiplayer option, which offers some fun minigames to compete in. Curious? Quickly start reading and learn about the secrets of the game and always remember: Fly safely.


Stunt Kite Party has a short but fun story mode to play. During the story, it is your goal to go and defeat opponents with your kite with the ultimate goal to fly it in Santa Breeze. To defeat your opponents you will have to beat them in several minigames where you will have to be the best kite flyer (score the most points or survive with the most lives).

During the Story Mode you will encounter a lot of NPCs who are willing to help you on your journey. With this you will also find yourself in different settings such as a farm, the beach or the park in Santa Breeze.

Like mentioned before, it is a short story mode and most of the time you will be in conversations where you just have to click through, which basically is the downside of the story mode.


Stunt Kite Party uses 3D-graphics and is designed in a cartoony style. Visually, the backgrounds/settings you encounter, such as the farm or the beach look good and very detailed and you can really tell that the developers thought of everything when creating these settings. The biggest downside graphically are the characters. Yes, they all are cute and different but in comparison to how the other things are designed, they are not coming close.

During the actual minigames you have to play, you quickly learn that everything is really small, like the kites for example or the objectives that you will have to collect. At some point, preferably at the start, they could have made a little easier for new players if they designed everything a bit bigger.


The game uses a couple of different music tracks which fit in with the setting of the game. The music is upbeat and really benefits to the different things you encounter. For example, when you are on the beach the music that you hear really completes the experience.

However, the sound-effects are not that good. Most of them end up being quite annoying and unnecessary, which is probably the biggest issue. Luckily, the most important sound effects are done correctly, such as the ‘woosh’ sound of your kite, of the effects when using a boost or when it inevitable crashes on the ground.


Stunt Kite Party is a sports/party game in which you will have to beat your opponents by flying your own stunt kite. In order to beat them, you can battle it out in a lot of different minigames where you will have to score the most point or just have to survive the longest. This all is done in some unique way and various fun settings.

Like mentioned above, there are a lot of different minigames you will encounter. Where in one minigame, you will have to collect honey for a big mutated bee, during another one you just simply will have to pop as much balloons as you can in the given time limit.

Now, as easy as this all may sound it can actually be very tricky to do so. The controls are kind of hard to learn and new players will probably have a rough time during their first battles. Luckily, once you have practiced a bit and become one with the kite you are up for a fun and challenging experience.

There are three different game modes in Stunt Kite Party. First, you have the Story Mode in which it is your goal to fly your kite in Santa Breeze and win the grand tournament. Then, there is Cups mode. Here you can choose if you want to play with up to four friends. You can choose between five different tournaments which all include a few different minigames. After each minigame you and your opponents will get some points based on your performance and at the end the one with the most points is the winner. Lastly there is the Custom Tournament mode. In this game mode you can select all the minigames that you want to play and just like in Cups mode, you can battle it out with your friends as well.

Stunt Kite Party offers fun and diverse mechanics where all the different minigames you play keep it fun and exciting. The downside of all this is that once you have completed the story mode and the tournaments in Cups, it is not that fun anymore to play solo. You can’t change the difficulty level so the only thing that you can do is beat your friends in local-multiplayer. An online modus would have been a nice addition to the game.


Stunt Kite Party is a fun sports/party game that is mostly amusing to play with friends. There is a solo story mode but once you finish it, there isn’t any challenge or content to go back to any more. While the story mode may be slim in content, and is eventually watered down with many useless conversations, the gameplay makes up for it. The fun and exciting minigames are really worth it and visually the settings that you will find yourself in are looking on point. With the character design, the developers somehow missed a few stitches but this is made up with the addition of nice in-game music.

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Rating: 7.6/10 (5 votes cast)
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Stunt Kite Party - Review, 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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