Subdivision Infinity DX – Review
Follow Genre: Sci-Fi Space Shooter
Developer: Mistfly Games
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Subdivision Infinity DX – Review

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In Subdivision Infinity DX you will be tasked with freeing several parts of the galaxy from the evil forces that try to take over everything. Subdivision Infinity DX comes to you, courtesy of the developer Mistfly Games and publisher Blowfish Studios. Upgrade your ship, create new ships and explore the galaxy in this astonishing port of a mobile game done right.


You play the role of a pilot who has been sent to check up on a distress signal. Upon your arrival, you notice that everything seems abandoned and the ships that remained there attack you on sight. You are then contacted by the android AV-2, who informs you of the current situation and tells you that he sent out the distress signal. A massive station had stopped responding and he figured out that the enemy was behind it. You then set out on a mission to clear out the sector you are in, that’s filled with ships and drones, and even large battleships that will serve as boss fights. The first boss will also reward you the hyperdrive you so desperately need to go to the outer reaches of space and save what is left. Travel to all five of the areas in the game, and fight in the name of freedom.

The story is pretty barebones and is told through text on the screen, there’s always a picture of the person or android that is talking but there is no voice acting to increase the immersion, nor is there any movement in these static pictures.


The game looks amazing considering this is a port from a mobile game. That being said, if there is a lot happening on screen the frames can sometimes really struggle. Besides that, the graphics look wonderful, from the blinding light the sun will cast on you, to the dark caves inside of meteorites you will explore in your attempt to find rare and valuable blueprints, where you rely solely on the light that your ship casts. The areas are filled with details that really make it feel like a battlefield. Where society once prospered, now there is debris, rubble, broken satellites and space stations, etc… The characters that pop on screen and portray the story are sadly all static and don’t move or anything, which is a let-down.


The soundtrack is pretty decent, it gives off some sort of synth-wave vibe that really compliments the setting. Shooting guns in space is awesome and should sound awesome too and this is also greatly covered, from the starting Gatling gun you receive to the rocket launchers and plasma bullets you will eventually fire, everything sounds the part. There is no voice acting at all in the game so the story is told through static images and text which is sad, considering games like these would benefit immensely from some dialogue. Even if the dialogues would be cliché and cheesy, they would have added something to the game as a whole.


This game could be best classified as a Sci-Fi space shooter, with amazing aerial battles, and uses all the dimensions to your advantage to come out of every battle victorious. Engage in thrilling dogfights with enemy ships across the vastness of space. It’s amazingly fun and even pretty challenging at some points.

In Subdivision Infinity DX your missions take place in a vast stage, in one of the five available areas the game offers. Each area feels huge and even offers you the chance, if you completed enough story missions, to explore freely and even discover hidden spaces and items that you then can utilize to either upgrade your current ship or create a brand new one with the blueprints you just found.

Once you beat enough story missions you unlock the exploration missions, where you will still be attacked by enemy ships, which you can dispose of quite easily, but your main focus will be mining. You can buy and upgrade a mining probe that allows you to split asteroids in small chunks and gain materials from it. These materials will either offer you upgrades or money, so doing these missions is always a good thing. Besides the mining these missions allow you to explore the sector of space you are in without any time limit, as long as your ship has cargo space, you can explore and mine all you want.

It’s clear that this game was made with the intention of being played in small bursts. And while this is very clear, the gameplay is just a lot of fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a good dogfight in the middle of space?


While this is a port of a mobile game, it is probably one of the best ports out there. Yes, the story missions get repetitive and there isn’t much depth to them, but the main focus is the gameplay, and that is where Subdivision Infinity DX shines the brightest. It all adds up to be a very fun experience, that despite the basic story and the odd frame-drop here and there, is certainly worth your time.

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Rating: 7.8/10 (4 votes cast)
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Subdivision Infinity DX - Review, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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