Submerge into the abyss on October 16th with Aquanox: Deep Descent

Submerge into the abyss on October 16th with Aquanox: Deep Descent

Aquanox: Deep Descent is a first-person underwater vehicle shooter, in which players control a variety of customizable ships to engage in fierce battles in the dystopian deep sea world of Aqua.

In the near future, the Earth’s surface has become uninhabitable. What remains of humankind lives in former mining and research stations, deep below the surface of the sea. Born and raised in the only world we know, the loose network of underwater settlements, torn by the war for resources and dominance between various factions.

Take control of a team of highly trained fighter pilots and experience an epic story in the deep sea world of Aquanox. Send your enemies down to Davy Jones’s Locker with well-aimed torpedoes, mortars, mines, and more. Explore the deepest corners of the oceans – mysterious, hazardous, uncharted.


  • Fight: unique underwater vehicle combat with a wide variety of play styles
  • Co-op: 4 player drop-in co-op, with four distinct pilots who are all involved in the game story
  • Customize: choose your ship, and upgrade it to fit your preferred playing style
  • Explore: explore, salvage, and loot, all while discovering the deepest corners of the ocean
  • PVP: classic multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Dogfighting

See the weapons arsenal in action NOW in this new weapons trailer for Aquanox: Deep Descent. Watch torpedoes propel through the deep sea, projectiles ripping enemy armor apart, and energy weapons finishing off opponents. Every ship in Aqua can carry a payload of deadly weapons, it’s up to you to find out which one is suited best for the threats facing you.

Enter the unforgiving world of Aquanox: Deep Descent on October 16th on your PC.

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