Submerged: Hidden Depths – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure game
Developer: Uppercut Games
Publisher: Uppercut Games
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
Tested on: PC

Submerged: Hidden Depths – Review

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With climate change ever on the rise, games that tackle environmental issues will always be a popular subject. Submerged: Hidden Depths clearly has such themes, being set in a post-apocalyptic city where the water has risen to drown out most buildings that survived, while the world is also getting covered in a black mass. Playing as a pair of siblings, one of which holds a mysterious power able to ward away this mass, you travel a waterlogged world to uncover its history and see if the future is worth saving.


What many may not realize is that this game is a sequel to the original Submerged which came out in 2015. But while the story provides some references to previous events, you’ll mostly be uncovering the plot and world-building as you go. Submerged: Hidden Depths has a heavy focus on exploration, making you uncover the story at your own pace in an open world. The history of the apocalypse and the siblings will slowly be revealed, as you travel around to find Seeds. Using these Seeds, you chase awake the black mass to restore the world, or what little is left of it beneath the destruction.

What little plot there is besides world-building unfolds both in cutscenes and through the pages in your journal you unlock through gameplay.


Submerged: Hidden Depths received a visual upgrade compared to its predecessor, with especially the surroundings of your sunken world looking absolutely stunning. Though it should be noted that the highest setting may run a little laggy, especially on older devices. The style leans more towards stylized rather than realistic, but it fits the atmosphere of the game. The places you explore are also inhabited by a series of interesting-looking animals. The pictures in your journal have their own unique style too. Since exploration is the main draw of this game, it makes sense the devs went above and beyond to make it as visually stunning as possible.


The music is also an important factor of what makes this game so appealing, working hand in hand with the visuals to set the mood. The soundtrack of Submerged: Hidden Depths is melancholic and carries a certain sadness, which feels fitting as you’re exploring a devastated landscape with only the shadows of the former citizens around you. The short cutscenes between Seeds that show the siblings interacting are without dialogue, giving them an interesting feel. There are voiced lines in the game, however, spoken in a strange language made specifically for the game. This does mean you have to play with subtitles turned on to understand the dialogue.


Submerged: Hidden Depths is a third-person adventure game that really lacks any overly complicated game mechanics. Since it’s set in an open world, the player can decide where to go and what to prioritize, but in essence this game plays as a walking simulator with a few easy puzzles sprinkled in-between walking segments. Or perhaps we should call it a boating simulator since you’ll be spending a significant time sailing around the flooded landscape. By using your telescope, you can scout out places to visit from a distance, and then it’s as easy as hurrying over and finding where to dock.

Most importantly for the story are the buildings where you can find Seeds. These orbs need to be recovered and purified, clearing some of the black mass. Sometimes bringing the Seed from its resting place to where it needs to be can be tricky, since you can’t parkour or climb ladders while carrying it. Other things to discover include lookout posts and landmarks.

That’s not where the collectibles end though! Flowers and artifacts to decorate your home, diaries full of lore, and upgrades that allow you to boost your boats, are all scattered around the world too. Beyond that, there’s a whole index worth of animals you can discover, and cosmetic items which allow you to change the look of your character or boat.

As you might have guessed, the greater appeal of this game is exploring and collecting even those things that aren’t plot-relevant. Finding every single collectible will take a significant time, but even if you’re not that ambitious, Submerged: Hidden Depths can be a lot of fun if you enjoy adventure games without fights and with a more laid-back approach.


Frankly, this game is almost worth recommending for the setting alone. Submerged presents a unique dystopia overtaken with water, delivering its clear environmentalist message without becoming heavy-handed about it. While the game is inherently easy, finding every little secret on offer proves to be a challenge. This means it’s fun to play whether you’re looking for a relaxed experience or if you want to prove yourself by earning a bunch of achievements.

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Submerged: Hidden Depths - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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