subROV is now out on Steam Early Access

subROV is now out on Steam Early Access

Spanish indie developer sqr3lab has announced the release of its deep-sea exploration game, subROV: Underwater Discoveries. The game is now out on Steam Early Access with plans to add loads of content before the full release. In the game, players will be able to sit behind the control panel of a remote submarine and explore the oceans.

Players will be tasked with charting unknown regions, sampling vents, and finding species or curios in the deep sea. Featuring support from several prestigious scientific institutions, the game features dives based on real expeditions that have taken place throughout the years. The ROV players will control is laden with hi-tech tools such as a sonar, a scanner, an articulated arm, and more in order to aid players in their dives, where they’ll be able to freely explore and build up their gallery of information and discoveries.

“It’s wonderful to finally share this project with players,” said José Luis González Castro, Founder of sqr3lab. “While this Early Access launch is just the beginning for subROV, I hope players are able to come away from it with the same intrigue and fascination for ocean exploration that I have had for so many years.”


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