Summer Catchers launches today on Steam

Summer Catchers launches today on Steam

Summer Catchers, created by Face It, Corp. and published by Noodlecake Studios, has launched today on Steam.

This game revolves around Chu, a young girl from the northern lands who has never seen summer. With her trusty wooden car, she must travel to distant lands full of mystery in her quest to finally see summer. Each level is endless in a sense, where you need to traverse the terrain using battering rams, speed boosters and more to go as long as you can. You can repair your car and try again on each level to complete all the goals for that mission. The game also offers a local co-op mode that can be activated at any time. The other player will take control of Chu’s little brother in his trusty sidecar. Be wary, as playing with two can be twice as hard!

Summer Catchers is now available for purchase on Steam with a 15% discount. Check out the trailer below to see Chu travel the world to see her first summer.

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