Sunset Overdrive Sale and new Challenges

Sunset Overdrive Sale and new Challenges

The crew behind Sunset Overdrive decided to treat its fans on some brand new achievements and a pretty neat sale for those who haven’t been able to try the game.

Here’s a little overview on the new challenges:

Hardcore!: Buck National vs The Apocalypse

Beat the score of 600,000 on the Challenge “Buck’s National vs The Apocalypse.”

Hardcore!: Buck Strikes Back

Beat the score of 564,500 on the Challenge “Buck’s Strikes Back.”

Hardcore!: Buck Stops Here

Beat the score of 703,700 on the Challenge “Buck’s Stops Here.”

Each achievement will be worth 25 gamerscore points!

Now some more words about that sale. Sunset Overdrive is having a 40% discount for a limited time on the Xbox Game Store so if you were waiting for a decent sale to pop up, now’s your chance to get this game cheap!

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