Super Intergalactic Gang – Review
Follow Genre: Fast-paced side-scrolling bullet-hell arcade shoot 'em up
Developer: Martin Cerdeira
Publisher: Black Shell Media
Systems: Pc
Tested: Pc

Super Intergalactic Gang – Review

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Good: The upgrade system, retro feeling
Bad: No save function, difficulty, different art styles
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Earth is in peril, it is being attacked by an alien race, but who can save us? Of course the SIG comes to the rescue, the Super Intergalactic Gang, a group of heroes ready to blast all the aliens away. Super Intergalactic Gang is a very fast paced side-scrolling bullet-hell arcade game in which you fight yourself through 10 levels of alien creatures and bosses. The game was developed by Martin Cerdeira and released on 4th of January 2016.

Super Intergalactic Gang 3


The game’s story is short and very straightforward, you are the hero and you need to defend earth by killing the invading aliens. The story is clearly not the focus of the game, it is merely background info since the gameplay is where the meat of the game is. That being said, a bit more background would have been nice.


Super Intergalactic Gang combines 2 2D pixel-art styles, that don’t really manage to fit together in the sense that it combines a cartoony pixel-art style with a more realistic pixel-art style. If you are not a fan of this retro style this game is clearly not for you since it is completely built upon it. That said the art style fits the game,as it is a requirement for this type of game that you’ll need to be able to easily distinguish the different enemies and bullets flying around at all times. The ‘gang member art designs’ are clearly inspired by different pop-culture characters with one of them being Swimming Pool, a clear reference to comic anti-hero Deadpool.


The soundtrack of Super Intergalactic Gang is really good, it sticks in your head and is one you will remember. It is a nice piece of bit music another way in which the game features the retro style. The music is rather enjoyable but is mainly overshadowed by the game’s sound effects. The bullets and explosions in the game make so much noise that is sometimes becomes nearly impossible to hear the soundtrack especially one certain gun (the green orb) which you will immediately realise when you get it.

Super Intergalactic Gang 1


The gameplay is solid and can bring hours of fun for people who are really into bullet-hell shoot ‘em ups. The game features 10 levels featuring several returning enemies and all containing a different boss. Super Intergalactic Gang is a game which challenges you from the start and requires a certain amount of skill, so don’t expect to just finish it immediately.

As we all know there are a lot of these games but Super Intergalactic Gang brings some change, it features an upgrade system which lets you choose an upgrade after every level/boss you beat. These upgrades are required to finish the game since picking one of those can mean the difference between losing the run and starting over and keeping all your health. This brings us to one of the more annoying parts of the game and that is its lack of a save option, Super Intergalactic Gang is really built as an arcade game since once you die you completely have to start over. This can cause quite the amount of rage cause you can expect a run to take some time.

Super Intergalactic Gang 2

Most bosses aren’t killed in a few hits, they require a tactic which in itself is not that hard, but most bosses have a lot of health and this makes boss fights a lot longer when you don’t have a powerful power-up. As a last remark there is the screen itself, at the beginning it is still quite clear but after 2 levels there is so much on the screen that it becomes very hard to even see your character. The shaking of the screen makes it even worse at some points it’s nearly impossible to see where to dodge, causing you to lose your precious life.


Super Intergalactic Gang is a fun game for those who like the genre but it certainly is not the best introduction to it. Once you get used to the filled screen it is a good game, but there is some room for improvement and more specifically the balancing of the audio. For its price the game is certainly worth a try, Super Intergalactic Gang is a game you should certainly consider to picking up during a sale.

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Rating: 6.0/10 (1 vote cast)
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Super Intergalactic Gang - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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