Super Seducer 2 – Review
Follow Genre: dating simulator
Developer: RLR Training Inc
Publisher: RLR Training Inc, Red Dahlia Interactive
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Super Seducer 2 – Review

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Dating these days has become a digital thing, websites, apps, soon we’ll skip all that and just go A.I. and VR. Where did the romance go? Is the “Player” going to become an endangered species? If your real life “game” isn’t getting you dates, this game might come to the rescue.


The story is rather simple, we follow our euhm “hero” on his adventure to conquer the ladies. That hero is none other than Richard La Ruina, a professional Pick Up Artist or PUA for short. In real life he also coaches people about dating. Our bearded protagonist will face different challenges on the way, he will need to steer clear of the dangerous “friend zone” and face enemies like her annoying and skeptical friends. The game is divided into different chapters so to speak. The goal of each level is always to hook up with one or more of the girls in the scene. Every chapter has a very specific outline, interracial dating or dating at work. That last one might take you into serious controversial #metoo waters. The game is played through dialogue options only, each time you choose an option you get to see the result in a short live action movie clips.

The story is set in a tree form, each dialogue option might lead to a game over, or another set of dialogue options. Each chapter has different outcomes depending on the path you’re taking the story. You can easily say that story and humor are the top most important items in this game as gameplay is nearly non existing.


The entirety of the game is made out of HD video spun together, so very little can be said about graphics. However it is obvious that a good camera was used to shoot the footage and good camera techniques were used to capture the footage. Overall the clips are enjoyable to watch. Some of the acting might be a bit questionable but in the end everyone clearly put their character down on the screen. The loading screen features a cartoon version of the characters which is a bit misleading as one might expect to see more of that cartoon style. When entering the main menu it’s clear that you will be seeing a lot of real life action movie clips.


The same goes for the sound, since we’re mostly watching HD movie clips, the sound is mostly just the dialogue between the actors mixed with environmental sounds to make the scene believable. The volume of the background noise and music is kept low as to not distract from the dialogue but it does add to the general atmosphere. The sound quality was good as could be expected from modern cameras and recording material.


Super Seducer 2 is a dating simulator, no more no less. The game knows what it is and does not try to incorporate unnecessary elements. This however makes it rather dull gameplay wise. From the main menu you can choose Story Mode which will let you see the eleven available chapters, some are locked until you complete the previous ones. The last one is a special Bonus Chinese Level.

Upon starting a chapter you’ll get to see the introduction video of that chapter and you’ll meet the girl and finally our protagonist will enter the scene. From here on out you will always be faced with a set of dialogue options. Choosing an option will show you the result of your actions in yet another movie clip. Rinse repeat until you screw up so badly that security will drag you out kicking and screaming or you played the game just right and go home with the girl. Richard La Ruina, our local love doctor will provide you with an explanation why your choice was good or bad, sometimes an unnamed female will provide a female point of view explanation. While some options are clearly wrong, like exposing your genitals in public you are inclined to click those options anyway just to see the result play out in the movie. Some of those options, like the genitals one, come with a warning from your mentor as this behavior could get you into trouble and even jail. How nice of him to point that out. You are in no way penalized for choosing the wrong option, you can just try another option, which makes exploring all options more enjoyable, but does cut back on replayability. This is not a big issue as the game doesn’t take itself to serious and it’s all about casually having fun.

In the Main Menu you can also find the Advice Book which shows you all the options you explored in each chapter. This is for all you completionists who want to get that 100% achievement every time. In the Extra menu you get to watch some specific clips that you unlocked during your playthrough. The eleven chapters each have about fifteen dialogue moments with each with between three to six options to choose from. The latter adds up to over five hundred different options, which might lead to very different endings as you might go home with the girl, you might get humiliated by her friends or security might drag your ass away from the property.



Super Seducer 2 is a fun pass time, one can almost call it a game. It will keep you entertained for several hours, best played with a friend or broadcasted live on Twitch and the likes. The good thing is that it doesn’t take itself too serious, it knows that it will mostly score because of the humor. Some of the dating advice might actually work and the one marked with a red flag are clearly options you should stay clear off in real life.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (6 votes cast)
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Super Seducer 2 - Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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