Super Ubie Island REMIX – Review
Follow Genre: Platformer
Developer: Notion Games
Publisher: Black Shell Media
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Super Ubie Island REMIX – Review

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The gaming world has lots of different platformer games that try to give you something special. Super Ubie Island REMIX will take you back to a rather old-school era, disguised in a colorful world. With no checkpoints and limited health possibilities, you’ll be facing some real challenges.

super ubie


Our cute little Ubie was minding his own business and travelling the universe when he felt something rumbling. It seemed that his pod was severely damaged as he was hit by something from a distant planet. Ubie’s UFO explodes to smithereens so our little friend is unable to continue his journey. With his trusty balloon, he can soar through the skies safely and land in one piece on this foreign world. It seems that he needs to find pieces of his vessel before he can leave, but he can’t expect a lot of help from the inhabitants.

As this is a platformer, you don’t really need more motivation to transverse each level. It’s plain and simple: get parts for Ubie’s ship while beating up a weirdo. Tou won’t need a thicker plot than this to enjoy the cute experience that is Super Ubie Island REMIX.

Super Ubie Island REMIX


Super Ubie Island REMIX gives you a frivol cartoonish style. You can tell that the developers have put a lot of time into making the perfect environments, each with their particular elements. For instance, the ice levels will have loads of icicles and white fluffy snow, while the desert has spikes and earthy-toned shades. At any rate, each level is a small explosion of colors, making a lot more fun to play the game.

The characters you’ll encounter follow the same style as your surroundings. Don’t worry though, as they will stand out more than enough. Ubie seems a bit off in the vast lands you’ll encounter, If you want to change Ubie’s appearance, you can buy new skins to alter your color.


There are a few things that make Super Ubie Island REMIX quite special. For instance, when you start the game or you get into a new area, you will hear a rather enthusiastic voice exclaiming where you are at the moment. This gives you that extra bit drive to dive into a level.

Music wise, you’re in for a treat. Each world has certain tunes and each sound really fit the setting you’re in at the moment. The forest-like area has some soothing but up-tempo tones, while the desert will treat you with nothing less than salsa-beats. The sound effects on the other hand are rather subtle in comparison with the music. When you start the game for the first time, you’ll surely laugh with the exclamations of our little friend.

Super Ubie Island REMIX


If you like platformers with a punch, Super Ubie Island REMIX will be something to your liking. You need to help Ubie getting his parts back while fighting against quite some evil enemies. Every world has a set of levels that will prepare you for the final boss of that part. Beating this meanie will give you the next piece of your UFO, so let’s show him some Ubie power!

You can use both your keyboard or a controller to take control of our small friend. The only thing he has to ‘defend’ himself (or herself?) is a balloon, which gives you the opportunity to soar gently. This gives you the chance to time your jumps and kill some enemies by stampeding them. You might think to dodge them, but eradicating your foes will give you some points. Keep something in mind though, you only have two hearts to go with and there are no checkpoints when you’re venturing a level. This means, when you lose both hearts or you touch something evil (like water for instance), it’s game over and you can start the level all over again.

Super Ubie Island REMIX

Another manoeuvre that will be exploited is the agility of Ubie. Our little blob can jump against walls, giving him the possibility to reach higher places. This is certainly necessary when your paths are filled with spikes. Next to that, there are a few elements that the game has to offer. First of all, each level has three bees for you to find. These can be turned in at the Queen bee for some goodies. Next to that, there are some statues scattered across each parkour, which give you a fair amount of points as well. Some elements in the game will give you money, which can be used to buy other colors for Ubie or even some tracks. This means it is a great idea to collect everything you see, so let’s go treasure hunting. If that isn’t enough, there are four diamonds which can grant you power-ups when turned in. If you want to gather every bee in the game, you’d better start finding those gems.

Super Ubie Island REMIX

Although this doesn’t seem a lot, you’ll have a blast playing the game. There are loads of ingredients that make every level quite special. Combined with the cartoonish elements, you’ll have a smile on your face during your playthrough.


Super Ubie Island REMIX is a platformer game that will take you to a cartoonish world, filled with enemies that try to stop you from getting parts of your UFO. Explore green forests, icy grounds and sandy deserts while using your red balloon to get to safety. Guided with some energetic tunes and fun effects, you’re in for some jumping fun.

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