Superfighters Deluxe – Review
Follow Genre: 2D platform shooter
Developer: MythoLogic Interactive
Publisher: MythoLogic Interactive
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Superfighters Deluxe – Review

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Just before 2018 ended, the developers over at MythoLogic Interactive gave us a new game to play in 2019: Superfighters Deluxe. The developing team self-described the game as a unique action game that combines brawling, shooting and platforming in dynamic 2D levels. The chaos that happens in the game should feel like old school action-movie chaos and it should also be easy to understand and play. It has been a long time since we have seen a new game like this, so let’s dive in the mayhem and start brawling our way through the game with the goal to find out if that self-description is right.


Superfighters Deluxe doesn’t have an actual story. However, when you play for the first time you are forced to go through the tutorial. When you start playing it, you will find yourself at an US army base where the drill sergeants and other soldiers are ‘drilling’ you around so you get comfortable with the game and its key binds. This is as close as we get to an actual story.

There are levels where you will have to fight your way through, but there is no deeper meaning behind this. It would have been nice if the developers had added some kind of story or, since you start at a drill camp, some sort of military missions.


The game uses 2D graphics. When playing you will get the feeling that you are in some sort of action movie fight. The maps that you are playing are all beneficial for this vibe. For example one map takes place on top of a skyscraper.

When we have a closer look at the graphics, Superfighters Deluxe is doing a good job. It isn’t very detailed but in this case that isn’t a bad thing and the game doesn’t need in-depth graphics. You can certainly tell the difference in characters and weapons, and when you look at the background it all looks nice.


Looking at the sound, we quickly learn that it isn’t anything special. There aren’t any big or special sound-effects. During the game, the background music really benefits to what you are experiencing on the screen, which is like mentioned before, a big fight. The music that you are hearing feels a bit like trance music

Furthermore, you won’t really hear anything different during the game. There are the typical sounds for gunshots, punches and the characters that get hit, but that’s pretty much it.


Superfighters Deluxe is a 2D platform shooter. The main goal of the game is to clear the map you’re playing, by defeating all the opposing enemies. There is no levelling system whatsoever, you simply start a game, fight the enemy and either win or lose. To do this, players can use various kinds of weapons like shotguns, grenades, pistols etc.

To clear the different maps you will team up with four different characters. You can either play solo and get the rest filled with AIs or you play the game through online multiplayer and play with friends or strangers.

Before you start a game, you will have a few seconds to grab a randomly spawned weapon. During the course of the game you will have the opportunity to pick up the weapons from the characters that are defeated. For example if your opponent was holding a pistol, you get a chance to pick this up after you defeated them. When you get killed during the fight you won’t respawn and the same thing goes for your teammates and the enemies. When all the players of one team are defeated the round is over, allowing you to start a new game. Since that’s the whole mechanic of it, games won’t last long and it will feel like you are back in the main menu in no time.

In the main menu you have the choice to select the ‘’Create Game’’ option. This way you can set up the game exactly like you want it to be. For example you can choose the map and difficulty setting. Your goal is to finish the game by defeating all the enemies. When you are playing, it quickly starts feeling like something repetitive since you are constantly doing the same thing over and over again. The only difference is that the maps you are playing on are changing every time you play a new game. One time you could have a construction site as your battleground, the next it could be on top of a skyscraper.

The menu option “Challenges” will give you a selection of different maps to play. You will play solo to take on the enemies and will have to defeat every single one of them. But that is pretty much it. The name suggests that there are certain challenges you can complete, but they aren’t there. The only thing you are supposed to do is play solo and defeat all the enemies in order to win.

You also have the option to edit or create your own maps. This is a nice and fun addition if you are willing to invest some time into it.


Superfighters Deluxe is a fun 2D game to play alone or alone. It is designed nicely and it looks good graphically. The game lacks some sort of story mode, which would have been a nice addition if there was one. Also the sounds aren’t very contributing to the gameplay but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The developers also made a good decision with implementing a tool to create your own map. All in all, you’ll get to enjoy this title, even if it’s only for a little while.


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Rating: 7.8/10 (9 votes cast)
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Superfighters Deluxe - Review, 7.8 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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