Supernatural: Season 10 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, Warner Home Video
Episodes: 23
Duration: 40 min (per episode)

Supernatural: Season 10 (DVD) – Series Review

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After all the events in Season 9, it was a bit doubtful if there were even going to be the all-known brother conversations. At least you have Season 10 to fill in the blanks and to get back in the game to fight the supernatural beings out there.


During the last season, things got real messy in Heaven. Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) started a war between the angels and casted out loads of them. Even more, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) had his part in this story as well and Castiel (Misha Collins) is still fighting alongside the brothers. Dean (Jensen Ackles) had received the Mark of Cain of Cain himself but it couldn’t be helped against the powers of Metatron. As he is fatally wounded, it seems that nothing can save him. In the last episode we could see that, with the First Blade, Crowley ‘resurrects’ Dean with some new lenses. Season 10 starts with quite a bang, with Crowley and Dean having loads of fun. It seems that Dean has strayed from the good and starts to do more demonic things. The older Winchester brother has left Sam (Jared Padalecki) in the dark and said goodbye by leaving a rather clear note. He doesn’t want his younger brother searching for him as he doesn’t want a saviour.

Sam on the other hand doesn’t really listen and starts his personal hunt for Dean. Everything is dead silence though and Castiel isn’t a big help as well, as he is suffering from his human existence. With Metatron stealing his grace, he is surviving on his last ounce of strength. He has to continue his mission though: returning fallen angels to Heaven.

After some time, Sam finally got a lead on Dean and goes on the road although it seems that he isn’t the only one looking for the other Winchester. A lot goes down but in the end, Dean listens to his younger brother. Although this might be a good thing, they need to get rid of the Mark of Cain before Dean is consumed by it and becomes a powerful demon. This is quite a big burden to bear but there are other fish to fry as well. For example, the wicked witch Rowena (Ruth Connell) will play a big part in this season. As you can see, there are loads of interesting things going on, next to the normal ghostbusting.


If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll know that there will be a mixture of standalone events and moments when you’re progressing in the story. The same old formula is used though, as they will have most of their conversations on the road. Although it felt like a lot of the discussions where needless or lengthy in previous seasons, this doesn’t seem the case in this one. Both brothers, and especially Dean, undergo quite a metamorphosis as they show their emotions more and reveal their deepest feelings.

Next to the more emotional situations, you will also have loads of laughing moments. Both Winchesters have their own humor and there are so much little jokes and cynical remarks that will make you giggle at least. These moments make the subject more light-hearted, while there are enough serious times as well.

What also is a surplus, is that you will have a short flashback which gives you a clue about what will happen in the upcoming 40 minutes and it will refresh your memory if necessary.


Acting wise, this season isn’t any different than before. Jensen and Jared seem to have gotten a special bond over the seasons and it really shows on screen. Their interactions feel lifelike and their conversations are entertaining at least. Jensen’s acting performances really stand out as well, especially when he has to play more emotional scenes. Misha Collins is also around and he is still the more ‘clumsy human’ which suites him quite good. Next to these actors, Crowley and Rowena have a big role in this season as well. Their discussions are rather animated and they do an awesome job.

Just as the previous seasons, there are also some extras spread across the different DVD’s. For starters, there are episodes with commentary of the director, while there is also a gag special, the comic-con attendance and a Winchester mythology episode that explains a bit about the mark and the blade. A lot to see for die-hard fans!


If you like supernatural things, spiced up with humorous situations and serious circumstances, you should definitely watch Supernatural. During this season, Dean really stands out but Sam has its own moments as well. The acting is superb, together with all the other amazing actors that makes the series so special. You will have the opportunity to watch 23 episodes and loads of extra content, so it is time to dim the lights, get some popcorn and enjoy the gutsing humor.


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