Suske en Wiske #332 Het Verloren Verleden – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Peter Van Gucht
Illustrations: Luc Morjaeu
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Suske en Wiske #332 Het Verloren Verleden – Comic Book Review

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Copying someone’s brain, storing it on a computer and being able to implement it in any other human (or non human) being, it sounds like science fiction. It might be a scary thing to think about, even though there would be many advantages as well. This science fiction became reality when professor Barabas invented the BROL, but unfortunately he is also the first to experience what happens when such an invention falls into the hands of the wrong people.


Professor Barabas is proud to introduce his friends to his newest invention: the Brain Reader Organic Locker. With this device he managed to copy the brains of animals and swap them, making his cat bark and his dog meow. When the professor asks for a guinea pig to test his invention on humans, Lambik is happy to help, but Barabas decides that Wiske would do a better job. As expected, he copies Wiske’s brain without difficulty, which proves that the BROL really works.

Lambik is jealous of Wiske, and thus he decides to come back at night and load all the information of the internet into his brain. This goes horribly wrong, as not only Lambik starts to babble all kinds of random information, but the internet is now implemented with his brain and his weird logic as well. Barabas tries to fix it as soon as possible, but of course this incident doesn’t go unnoticed in the outside world. Gaffel and Snoeffel  found out about it too, and they are out to buy the BROL, but obviously the professor doesn’t want to sell. That’s why they take his brain by force with the BROL and store it on a usb-stick. When Suske and Wiske come in, they find that professor Barabas is left with the brain of a toddler, and Snoefel and Gaffel  run off with the stick. Wiske traps them in the time machine and sends them off to the ancient Rome, not realizing that they took the stick that carries the professor’s brain on it, with them. There is no other option than to go after them and get the stick back in order to cure Barabas.

The story moves at a rather quick pace, with lots of things going on right from the start. The invention of the BROL, Lambik’s foolish jealousy and Snoeffel and Gaffel stealing the professor’s brain all happen in the course of just a few pages, and then the real adventure in Rome, to get the usb-stick back, hasn’t even started. This keeps this issue interesting and fun to read. To be honest, a few less puns would have made the story more fun to read, as too much is just too much, but apart from that, the story is quite amusing.

Illustrations are still done by Luc Morjaeu and excite the typical Suske and Wiske atmosphere. The bright colors make this issue very appealing to the eye.


Suske en Wiske #332 Het Verloren Verleden is another adventurous album in this already long-running series. Things are kept interesting with lots of things going on, as well as the fact that for once, the professor is not able to help at all, given he has the brain of a toddler. It’s an original approach that will amuse you well enough.

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Rating: 7.4/10 (5 votes cast)
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Suske en Wiske #332 Het Verloren Verleden - Comic Book Review, 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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