Suske en Wiske #343 SOS Snowbell – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Peter Van Gucht
Illustrations: Luc Morjaeu
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Suske en Wiske #343 SOS Snowbell – Comic Book Review

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Suske and Wiske have a new album again, and this time, their help is required in Canada. Evil magic is turning the lives of the people there into misery, so they’ll have to be quick to get things right. Time is ticking, but luckily, they already have a lot of experience under their belt, yet this challenge won’t be a piece of cake.

Suske en Wiske #343 SOS Snowbell

Because aunt Sidonia felt she needed some extra money, she decided to get a job at the local library. Suske and Wiske aren’t too happy about it though, because it means they have to sit at home with Lambik to keep an eye on them. Just as they are complaining about how bored they are, they hear a massive bang at the window. When they go outside to take a look, they see a goose, still a bit drowsy from his bang into the window. Funnily enough, when he regains his wits, the goose starts to speak. Stunned, our friends hear him out. He turns out to be John van Stiefrijkel, aunt Sidonia’s cousin who lives in Canada. He flew all the way to Belgium to ask for their help, as a magical book is turning everyone in his town, including himself, into an animal. Because the book has John’s wife, Snowbell, in his power, it is able to make many victims all over town. With each victim, it becomes more powerful, until it will finally have gained enough power to become human. It’s clear that the book has to be stopped immediately, and thus Suske, Wiske, Lambik and aunt Sidonia head to Canada as fast as they can to help John and the others become human again.

The magical touch this story has is quite a nice change from the last few Suske and Wiske albums we’ve reviewed. It adds a lot of possibilities for the story, and indeed it proved to be quite different. There is still a lot of adventure, and the talking animals and evil book are just a fun idea. As the plot isn’t too straightforward, you will be able to enjoy this album right until the end.

As the illustrations of this comic book series are always in the same style, there is not much different to say about them. The book looks quite fun though, in all of its shapes, and what is really nicely done, is what the inside of the book looks like. We can’t say too much about it, as it would ruin part of the story for you, but let’s just say that Luc Morjaeu was very inventive.


Suske en Wiske #343 SOS Snowbell has a fun storyline that involves talking animals and an evil book. Once again Suske, Wiske and the others have to find a way to conquer the bad, in an adventure that is really quite fun to read. It’s definitely one of the better Suske en Wiske albums we’ve read in a while.

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Rating: 5.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Suske en Wiske #343 SOS Snowbell - Comic Book Review, 5.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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