Switch ‘N’ Shoot – Review
Follow Genre: Retro, Arcade
Developer: Matthew Glanville
Publisher: Matthew Glanville
Platforms: Switch
Tested on: Switch

Switch ‘N’ Shoot – Review

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Good: Trip down memory lane, Retro graphics, Easy gameplay, Possibility to switch orientation
Bad: Not that much to offer for a Switch title
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Years ago, when consoles were still rather fresh, graphics weren’t much more than some blocks on your screen and games were often short, but tough as nails to make them seem long. After some time, and a few technological upgrades later, stories were added and the overall quality improved but sometimes you want to get back to those good ole’ days. With Switch ‘N’ Shoot you’re able to get back to these lost times where you just had to shoot aliens.


There isn’t really a story in this game. Earth is being attacked and you’re thrown right into the action, as it seems you need to take up arms against alien forces that are out there to kill you. The random usernames that are given to you after dying shows that it’s rather difficult to get far. Seeing how fast the gameplay goes, there isn’t even any chance for a proper storyline.


Switch ‘N’ Shoot takes you to the good ol’ retro days with pixelated graphics and monotone colors. You’re able to switch it up with a variety of possibilities, every single set gives you a brand new feeling but still that old-school vibe. The side images are really nicely drawn though and although they don’t fit the overall style of the game, it’s was a good choice. The enemies and aircraft will definitely make you reminisce about the times you’ve spend on your old console(s). Even though there isn’t that much variation, it’s still visible where the obstacles are coming from or when the sides are shutting down.

This game does have one fun aspect, which is that you can use the advantage of the Switch and rotate the screen so you have it full-size but on the side. So you would need to flip the console on the side, which is a rather special experience on its own.


Just as expected, you can also find some fast-paced tunes in there to get your blood pumping and adrenaline going. It’s the perfect vibe for you to shoot some aliens with, although it might also tip you to the other side and get overagitated if you die yet another time. Sound effect wise, there isn’t that much extra to add to the game as there isn’t much more than just shooting and hoping you won’t die.


Switch ‘N’ Shoot is a retro arcade game where you need to go ballistic on some nasty aliens. Don’t expect any fancy stuff though, the only thing you have is your weapon. Moving is done by pressing one button, which also triggers the gun on your aircraft. You can go through the walls, ending up on the other side of the screen. If you’re not able to kill the enemy by your weapon, they will kill themselves anyway by exploding but be sure not to stand to close or you’re mush too.

To get to the next sectors, it’s important to get the power-ups that glide down your screen. There are 5 levels, each increasing the power or range of your gun. Reach level 5 and you get to the next area. During the transition, be ready to stick in the middle as the sides are deadly thanks to some lightning. Into the next area, you have to start collecting again to continue. If you miss a power-up, your streak will end and your power-up will go down by one.

This is the only thing the game has to offer, which is rather disappointing for a Switch title. Ok, there is a high score aspect after every run, but not much more than that. The fun aspect is being able to switch screen orientation, but the rest is a bit meager. It’s fun to play in smart bursts, and you might get annoyed rather fast by the failing rate, so be prepared for that.


If you’re looking for a trip down memory lane, this game might be something to consider. The graphics are in full retro style and the sound is able to swipe you away. Gameplay-wise there isn’t much to do, meaning that you might be done sooner than later. A game more suitable for a mobile phone, but if you would like to play on a huge screen thanks to the different screen orientation, you can always give it a shot.

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Rating: 6.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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Switch 'N' Shoot - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

Faster than lightning

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