Switch release date and gameplay trailer for Labyrinth Legend

Switch release date and gameplay trailer for Labyrinth Legend

Today, NIS America has announced the Nintendo Switch release date for their upcoming action RPG, Labyrinth Legend. With this announcement, they also released the first gameplay trailer for the game, showing what the game will look like and giving you a first look at the exclusive new Nightcrawler class.

Labyrinth Legend is an action RPG set in the kingdom of Kanata, which is home to a mysterious labyrinth that houses a lost royal treasure, which you are trying to get your hands on. Each dungeon will be randomly generated, including all the loot and enemies, which provides the game with unlimited replay possibilities. In the game, you can choose between three classes with their own distinct abilities. The game also features local co-op for those evenings with friends on the couch.

Labyrinth Legend will be coming to the Nintendo eShop on January 18 next year. Check out the gameplay trailer below this post.

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