Syberia 2 – Review
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Developer: Microïds
Publisher: Microïds
Platform: PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, iOS, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Syberia 2 – Review

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In November we took a look at the umpteenth rerelease of Syberia, this time on Nintendo’s new handheld-home console combo. Only slightly more than a month later, the second installment was also rereleased for its debut on the Switch, giving us the chance to play the first two games before digging into the heavily expected release of the newer, third installment, Syberia 3. If you haven’t played the first game yet, it might be best to pick that one up first, as this second installment picks up where the first game left off. We found ourselves in an ever changing colder climate, hoping to fulfill Hans Voralberg’s dream to find Mammoths in Syberia.

Syberia 2


The story in the second installment is quite simple. You have found Hans Voralberg, who was presumed dead. Now, you’ve given up your career and pretty much the rest of your professional life, to go on an adventure with Hans, to try and fulfill his dream, namely to find mammoths in Syberia. Sadly, you have no clue where exactly to find the legendary island of Syberia, and you think the entire mammoth theory is hogwash, but still you’re eager to complete this journey with the old man, and it’s clear you are hoping for it to be true. Of course you’ll run into enough snags on the way which involve Hans’ health, criminals and other blockades that prevent you from reaching your location in one smooth motion.

Every interaction and every puzzle slowly reveals the bigger plot, but overall the idea and concept of this one feels a bit simpler than the first part. Once again, it’s the atmosphere of the different environments that sometimes outshines the overall story content.

Syberia 2 1


Graphically not much has changed compared to the first version of Syberia, which certainly had its charms for a release more than a decade old. This 2004 release follows nearly the same graphical prowess, albeit a bit less blurry and brighter, but it still has the same fixed camera angles that were quite common in adventure series back then. For the most part you’ll be looking at a very static environment, ranging from the interior of your train, towns, caverns, icy plains, all designed with care and an eye for detail, making them still very pleasant to look at almost fifteen years after the game’s initial release. Only the character models, their movements and the many invisible walls and small glitches crack the otherwise still good looking foundation.

All that being said, just like the first game, this rerelease is a welcome addition to the Switch’s library, as the game is still very amusable for fans of both adventure and point and click genres thanks to its lovely and enticing environments. While we sometimes had a few issues with the camera angle changing, forcing us to change the direction we were walking in, the game is still a magnificent piece of work, especially considering when it was originally released.

Syberia 2 2


In terms of music, this second installment follows the same design as the first game, meaning there isn’t all that much music to go around, making the game rely on environmental noises that set the mood, rather than flashy tunes. You’ll hear the howling of the wind, the creaking floorboards when you step over them, the bits and bobs of mechanical devices and of course great voice acting, as all dialogues in this game are fully and nicely voiced. While the dialogues do have some awkwardly placed pauses, which were also quite common back in the day this game was released, they are still nicely handled and truth be told, it was quite a luxury to have a fully voiced game such as this back then that was done as decently as this title.


Just like the first title in the series, Syberia 2 is an adventure point and click title, in which puzzles and solving riddles will be the meat of the game. You’ll be able to run around in enclosed areas, all for finding the right object(s) to complete the next puzzle in order to be on your way again. This title however does add a bit of extra excitement by adding villains to the equation, but overall it’s more of the same.

Syberia 2 3

The puzzles themselves aren’t always mindboggling hard, but it’s not always clear what you’re looking for or what you need to complete the next big puzzle. It is clear that this title was made in a period when games had to last long enough, before consumers could buy a new title and thus it was necessary to supply a certain amount of ‘pleasure’ before the credits had to roll. Again you will have to leave no stone unturned, as it’s best to systematically go through every area and interact with everything that crosses your line of sight. Perhaps some tips, tricks or hints could have been added for those who aren’t really that well versed in puzzle games, but the luxury of playing a title this old is that there are more than enough guides to be found online if you ever get stuck.

Sadly, just like the rerelease of the first game, the controls feel clunky, the invisible walls are annoying, and trying to properly trigger an object so you can interact with is can be very frustrating. While all of these issues are only tiny inconveniences when viewed separately, they become a rather big nuisance when combined.


Syberia 2 is a great continuation of the first part, and is still a very relevant and enjoyable game today. While the game does still have a lot of things that could have been improved or revamped, it’s still a pleasant experience in terms of story or adventure. The puzzles may not always be as easy as  you’d like them, but when playing a game this old you’ll easily have a guide at your disposal when you really can’t see the end of the tunnel. Overall the Syberia series are more than welcome on the Switch, and we’re curious to see how the third part fares on Nintendo’s console.

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