Syndrome – Available now!

Syndrome – Available now!

Syndrome, a new horror game has been released today. It’s not only available regularly for PS4 and PC but also accessible as a virtual reality game. Syndrome is situated somewhere in the cosmos in a spaceship far away from civilization. The game starts with players waking up from a long induced cryosleep in a spaceship that seems totally abandoned. While exploring more the player finds out that the missing crew is either dead or something that isn’t human anymore.

“It’s been a truly long-awaited milestone to bring Syndrome to console players, and we are excited to offer the game on virtual reality platforms as well”, said Paulo J. Games, Game Director of Bigmoon Entertainment. “With VR, the sinister atmosphere and blood-curdling suspense is as real as it gets. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from players and hope that it was worth the wait.”

Players have to explore the spaceship to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of the crew all while avoiding the creatures that lurk in the shadows. There are only a few weapons available on the ship so direct combat is best to be avoided. The player can interact with keypads and computers to find clues and how to escape with their life.

There is an Endless Survival mode that can be unlocked by completing the first chapter of story mode. This mode was specifically developed to enjoy the Syndrome experience in Virtual Reality. In the Endless Survival mode players try to survive as long as possible by collecting weapons and supplies while exploring. Enemies will appear wave after wave slaughtering and trashing everything in sight.

Syndrome is available now on PS4 (including PS VR), PC (including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) and will be released on Xbox One later this year.

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