Take a look at VED’s new story trailer!

Take a look at VED’s new story trailer!

Fulqrum Publishing, in collaboration with Karaclan, has unveiled a brand new story trailer for their highly anticipated role-playing game VED. This groundbreaking RPG boasts a unique turn-based combat system set in a vibrant world steeped in magic. VED represents the first gaming venture for Karaclan, an indie studio founded by three Lithuanian brothers. In the realm of VED, players step into the shoes of Cyrus, a young hero embarking on a quest for a fresh start in the city of Micropolis. Little does he know, his journey will lead to the unexpected revelation of his ability to teleport between two intricately interconnected worlds. These mystical realms are adorned with enigmatic floating islands, peculiar creatures, and formidable monsters. As players progress through this enthralling narrative, they must navigate an interactive story where every decision holds weight. By aiding Cyrus in uncovering the mysteries of this magical realm, players can ultimately influence the destiny of both worlds.


  • Non-linear Storyline: VED is imbued with a narrative where each decision shapes the path, resulting in irreversible consequences and multiple alternative endings.
  • Diverse Game Factions: Navigate a complex network of factions, each offering unique perspectives on the unfolding events. A dynamic relationship system grants players the power to influence crucial character decisions.
  • Innovative Turn-based Battles: Engage in turn-based battles strategically, leveraging effective positioning to seize the advantage on the battlefield.
  • Village Building Mechanics: Establish and nurture a village for yourself and your allies, unlocking an array of new skills and abilities.
  • Interactive Events and Blessings: Encounter a range of interactive events that bestow curses or blessings upon the hero, some of which may endure until the game’s conclusion.
  • An Eclectic Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the game’s world with an eclectic soundtrack, spanning symphonic, folk, and hip-hop genres, adding depth to your adventure.

VED  is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GoG in 2024.

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