Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles Now Available

Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles Now Available

Bandai Namco announced that Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles, the HD remaster of Tales of Symphonia and its prequel ‘Dawn of the New World”, is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 3 entertainment system in both Europe and Australia.

Tales of Symphonia is famous for both its characters and the story, following the main character Lloyd Irving in an adventure of protecting your childhood friend, who has been given the task by the Goddess to save the world from the evil Desians and saving humanity. During their travels, the party discover the existence of a parallel world named Tethe’alla. How will Lloyd and his party be able to save humanity? Be sure to check out the game to find out!

It’s also known for its fun real-time RPG battle-system, allowing you to freely wander around the battlefield while using combos to defeat the enemies.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World direcly follows the story of its prequel. This time however, you will lead Emil Castagnir around the world discovering all sorts of interesting mysteries. It improves the gameplay elements of its prequel, allowing you to catch up to 200 different kinds of monsters and training them to battle alongside of you.

Tales of Symhonia Chronicles has its own new features, like allowing you to switch between english of japanese voice-overs, new 2D-art during Mystic Arts and new costumes.

The game comes in both Standard Edition and Collectors Edition, and is now available for PlayStation 3 in both Europe and Australia. For more information, be sure to check out the official website.

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