Teach Me Love (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Tom Vaughan
Distributor: Splendid Film
Duration: 93 minutes

Teach Me Love (DVD) – Movie Review

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Teach Me Love, also known as How to Make Love Like an Englishman, Lessons in Love, or Some Kind of Beautiful, is yet another romantic comedy that has hit the shelves lately. It’s a story about a Cambridge poetry professor falling in love with one of his students. Although this could be the start of a sparkling love, life of course isn’t that predictable. In his classes he talks about Keats, Yeats Coleridge and Byron, but ‘Why are the romantics still relevant today?’ The answer to that question might not be in his classes, but in real life.

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Richard (Pierce Brosnan) is a poetry professor at the university of Cambridge. Just like his father before him, he teaches about romanticism and the romantic poets. In his personal life, he himself could learn a lot about love too. He fell in love with the much younger Kate (Jessica Alba), who used to be one of his American students. One evening, Kate arranged for him to meet her sister Olivia (Salma Hayek). Kate is late though, and Richard starts talking to an attractive woman at the bar. The two instantly feel a connection, but when Kate arrives, it turns out that this woman is her sister Olivia. As if the evening didn’t have enough surprises in store already, Kate also tells Richard that she is pregnant and that she got offered a job in LA. Richard decides to quit his job at the university and come with her to America, to be with his family. Not long after their son Jake (Duncan Joiner) is born, Kate confesses to Richard that she doesn’t love him anymore and that in fact, she is in love with Brian (Ben McKenzie), and they are soon to be married. Meanwhile, Richard also struggles to find a decent job and gets into some trouble, jeopardizing his chances to be allowed to stay in the country. Luckily he finds some consolation when, after Kate and Brian left on a business trip, Olivia comes to look after Jake.

teach me love

The beginning of the movie moves at a rather fast pace, introducing all characters. Before you know it, Richard lives in California and has a son, and a wife who wants to divorce him. The promising romance between the English literature professor and his student is shattered quite early on in the film. Nonetheless, this makes room for the real story to start, the one about finding love for your partner, as well as for your children. Soon Jake is all Richard has, and he would do anything to see his son. That being said, the plot of the film is quite flimsy and, although a hint of this lovely message is present, that’s all it is, as most of the film is rather shallow, with some funny notes here and there.

There is no need to complain when it comes to acting performances, as the cast are all very worthy actors. That’s also why it is regrettable that the characters’ development is minimal. Jessica Alba’s character Kate, for example, is nothing more than an ambitious young woman with too much money. Also Richard could have been portrayed better. While it is clear that he is going through a difficult time, the depth is missing to really be able to relate to him. Luckily Richard’s father (Malcolm McDowell) creates a funny note, although sometimes he is just downright annoying. A special shout out should also go to Duncan Joiner, who does very well playing Kate and Richard’s son Jake.

The only extra to be found on the DVD is the trailer of the film. As this is a romantic comedy, it would have been nice to see some bloopers or deleted scenes. Nonetheless, the movie can entertain you long enough, even without extras.



‘Teach me love’ suggests a film full of romance, but don’t be fooled: you shouldn’t expect to learn much about love. There is more to the plot than is actually portrayed, making this film enjoyable, but not at all memorable. If  you love watching Pierce Brosnan as a lovable English professor, this might be one to add to your list. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a real romantic film, this one would do better at the bottom of your list. If it’s a decent storyline you’re after, you would probably do best not even adding this movie to your list.

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