Terraformers launching in Early Access today

Terraformers launching in Early Access today

Mars is a planet that holds a lot of mysteries, but what would happen if we finally evolved enough that we could colonize this new planet? In Terraformers, the mission begins with terraforming the planet’s rich resource deposits and stunning natural wonders. As you are one of the first that leaves Earth to undertake this mission, you are in charge of constructing a well-developed infrastructure in order to colonize the red planet.

Players will transform the red planet to make it suitable for human life, clean the oceans and increase oxygen levels. You’ll discover new metals and resources to set up an industry to do business with various buyers back on Earth. Lastly, probably the hardest decision is to pick the right leader for the Martian people for a ten-year term. This leader needs to serve the people while utilizing past experience to offer special incentives like food management, mining, and energy saving.

Terraformers is on Early Access now through Steam and GOG on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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