Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect

Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect

There has been a, well not a surprising one, but there has been a lack of FMV adventure games since computer graphics have increasingly become better. The last vestige of which has always been the Command and Conquer and Red Alert series, which embraced the campiness that FMV brings to the table. Now the latest CnC game is ditching it in favour of the F2P multiplayer model and seemingly ditching the single player campaign entirely.

Luckily for those of you who miss the camp of FMV games and long for the days of Night Trap a new Tex Murphy Adventure is on the way. It’s been about a decade since the last game in the Tex Murphy series, where you controlled Tex Murphy who was a post-World War 3 detective in San Francisco.

Big Finish games is bringing Tex Murphy’s FMV point and click adventure to the modern day gamers, with beautifully rendered scenes and special effects. Hopefully the game lives up to everything we remember.

Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect is set to release later this year.

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