Tharsis Lands On Nintendo Switch

Tharsis Lands On Nintendo Switch

Tharsis has finally landed on Switch, on the 14th April 2020 to be exact, tying in on the week of the  50th anniversary of the unfortunate Apollo 13 mission that inspired the game. Upon launch of Tharsis onto Switch, Tharsis will be part of QubiGame’s initiative – gamescovid19 – where they are donating 20% of all profit they make from April to June, to medical services dealing with coronavirus. Rockstar has done the same whereby 5% of Red Dead Online and GTA 5 are donated towards the coronavirus relief funds.

In this turn-based, space, space strategy-game where your fate is tied in with a roll of the dice, literally. You have to take command of a damaged ship and guide its crew of distressed astronauts through onboard disasters and food shortages, which lead to moral dilemmas with tough decisions to be made. Do you sacrifice crew members to ensure there is enough food to ration for the tasks needed? Or resort to cannibalism and sacrificing members to feed the rest? Have a look at the trailer below.

Tharsis will be available for 8.99USD / 11.99 EUROS with a 25% discount till April 19th, 2020. Players with selected QubicGames titles on their account (the full list will be available on the eShop) will have 33% discount till April 19th, 2020.

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