The 100: Season 7 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, 'Drama'
Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Episodes: 16
Duration: 42 min (per episode)

The 100: Season 7 (DVD) – Series Review

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Sometimes you only realize nearly seven years have passed when a series you’ve been watching comes to an end after seven seasons. While we have complained about certain seasons of The 100, as a whole the series has always been quite enjoyable. During the sixth season, the series stepped away from a horrible fifth season and started redeeming itself. Nonetheless, we never expected the series to end with the same quality as it started, thus we didn’t really know what ending we’d get. We can honestly say that we were pleasantly surprised and that the series has come to an explosive and emotional conclusion.

Tensions are running high back in Sanctum, with the Primes all but one gone, and the Children of Gabriel now also running amidst the population. Of course, there are also the convicts who now roam free, thus creating a very explosive situation. Nonetheless, the believers are still kept at bay knowing Russel (JR Bourne), the main Prime, is still alive. The Children of Gabriel, however, want to see him dead. Wonkru is trying to create a united front, hoping the city will endure and find peace after a certain passage of time. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is trying to act as the leader, while also grieving the loss of her mother. At the same time, Bellamy (Bob Morley) is being dragged into the anomaly by unknown invisible entities. Echo (Tasya Teles), Hope (Shelby Flannery) and Gabriel (Chuku Modu) manage to take down these entities, who happen to be cloaked soldiers. There is no trace of Bellamy however.

We soon also learn more about what happened to Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic), who have gone through the anomaly themselves. While things seemed perfect there at first, it seems a possible ‘happy’ life is also disturbed by the same cloaked soldiers the rest has met before.

The flow and pacing of the seventh season are nearly perfect. Instead of a fine red thread, the story continually evolves towards the end goal. We still see relationships being tested, and we also have to say a few goodbyes (again), but it’s all about concluding the story of The 100. This involves the topic of the survival of humankind, just not how and at what cost. The episodes are filled to the brim with action, as well as proper story content. We did perhaps feel that most characters have become mass murderers by now, and don’t seem to slow down for this final season. We didn’t get any filler content this time, which was very enjoyable.

In terms of acting, not much has changed for this new season in terms of the regulars. We do see a brighter side of Richard Harmon’s character, John Murphy. This character will somewhat walk down a path of redemption during the final season and Harmon plays out this new nuance to the character perfectly. Other than that, most characters have been set in stone, albeit with slight deviations here and there. We see Lindsey Morgan and Bob Morley pull off a surprising twist for their respective characters as well. Other than that, we see Neil McDonough being typecasted once again, as the somewhat emotionless First Disciple, Anders, for the people on Bardo. In this final season, we also see the reappearance of John Pyper-Ferguson’s character, Bill Cadogan. He will play a very (unlikable) key role for the final arc and he also handles his role with the necessary skill.

Even though the final curtain has now fallen for The 100, the DVD edition comes with no special features whatsoever. We understand that this is probably due to the pandemic and that this made it hard to film items outside of the normal sets, it’s truly not the ending this series deserves for the physical collectors. There should have at least been something included, even if it were Zoom call recordings or just voiced commentaries. The lack of any additional content does not do the series justice at all.


While not everything may be completely wrapped up in the last season of The 100, the series got the ending it deserved and easily rivaled the quality of the first few seasons. We didn’t expect much in terms of how this series would end, but we ended up nearly falling off the edge of our seats. We had mixed feelings during the ending as it was a bittersweet goodbye we have been asking for for a while now, but even so, now we were also plagued by the feeling of wanting the series to go on. This means the creators stopped at the right time before the cow was completely milked dry. Viewers who stopped watching the series a few seasons ago may need to rethink their decision, as The 100 truly gets a grand finale. Those who have stuck with the series from start to finish; be sure to enjoy this final emotional rollercoaster.

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The 100: Season 7 (DVD) – Series Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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