The Aquatic Adventure Trailer and Screenshots

The Aquatic Adventure Trailer and Screenshots

The Aquatic Adventure does not take place in your typical distant future or usual dystopian universe. Instead of in post-apocalyptic cities, life in The Aquatic Adventure flourishes mostly underwater. In a galaxy where the sun is growing weaker by the minute, the depths of large bodies of water provide protection.

After depleting most of earth’s natural resources, the only option for survival lies in the exploration of other habitable planets. Subaquatic space ships are sent to seek out new places where human life could survive, hidden underwater and out of the sun’s sight. When one of these ships returns many years later however, it becomes clear that humanity is no more.

Your task in The Aquatic Adventure is to explore Argo9, the returning space ship, and to put back together the pieces to the puzzle that was human life, all while battling terrifying sea monsters on the way. Developer YCJY Games prides itself on The Aquatic Adventure’s beautiful pixel graphics and stunning soundtrack. The game also wants to touch on important issues in modern day society, such as climate change.

The Aquatic Adventure will be released next week! Check out the trailer here:

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