The Bard’s Tale IV brings free games and bonus rewards for backers

The Bard’s Tale IV brings free games and bonus rewards for backers

inXile Entertainment announced that as part of the new inXile Loyalty Rewards promotion, all backers of Torment: Tides of Numenera or Wasteland 2 who also back The Bard’s Tale IV no later than June 26th, will receive a selection of exclusive gifts as additional thanks for the continuing support of the studio and the titles they’re releasing.

“Once again the RPG fans have come through and supported our efforts to bring our unique style of RPG to the market.” elaborated Brian Fargo, CEO. “We are honored by their trust and support. Our games would not exist without our fans and for that we thank them.” The Bard’s Tale IV is currently fully funded and is now coming onto unlocking stretch goals such as an expanded companion system, crafting system, a dungeon designed by the legendary RPG designer Monte Cook and much more. With these stretch goals in reach, The Bard’s Tale IV will be an epic sized experience.

The bonuses, as described below, are an addition to other free extras previously offered such as the recently announced re-release of The Bard’s Tale I-III Trilogy for all backers of tier $20 and above, regardless of whether they backed previous inXile titles.

The first bonus is for any returning backer, who will receive a select choice of special bonus rewards, valued up to $15. These bonuses range from digital novella compilations to digital soundtracks to digital concept art books and much more.

The second bonus is for returning backers who backed up The Bard’s Tale IV for the $33 reward tier, or above. They will receive both Ultima Underworld 1 & 2 for free with their pledges. These games will be redeemable on at the end of the kickstarter campaign of The Bard’s Tale IV.

Both inXile Loyalty Rewards promotions will run until June 26th 2015, 12 AM PST and are retroactive for previous backers. Additional information on this new program can be found here.

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