The birth of PlatforMines

The birth of PlatforMines

PlatforMines is a game developed by Magiko Soft and is planned to release on March 28th. The players will be able to see how the developers came up with their new ideas for this game by reading the “Dev. Diary”, this diary shows every part of the process of creating PlatforMines.

It all started with Cedric and Ludovic who built their 2D engine in a couple of months with a lot of hard work during 2011. This engine was used to create two games, ‘Platformance: Castle Pain’ and ‘Platformance: Temple Death’ which was enjoyed by a lot of hardcore gamers. This engine was able to load maps without having actual load times in game.

The game started with a huge world where the player had to reach a certain goal on the map, a cousin of one of the developers spent hours exploring this world. The two friends started to meet up more often since September 2011 and thought the game would look better if they used a world that was covered in fog instead of a world where you had to clear blocks; the goal is to navigate through the fog.

Ludovic and Cedric eventually made a world that was 1000×1000 blocks which was randomly generated. The world was eventually generated more precisely and after that, the friends started to use patterns which are going to be used in the final version of the game.

PlatforMines will release the 28th of March and will be available for purchase on Steam.

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